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3 April 2008
Developments in the PR business

During the past five years the number of employees in Danish PR agencies has gone up from around 300 in 2001 to around 500 in 2007. At the same time the industry’s turnover has doubled from circa 240M DKK in 2001 to circa 430M DKK in 2007.

In spite of the fact that the first indicators point to a general downward trend in 2008, chairman of the BPRV (the Danish Trade Association for Public Relations Companies), Nils Rasmus Hansen predicts that the industry’s growth will reach eight per cent this year.

Growth in the PR business is closely related to a market development where the media has to fight harder and harder for a place in the public consciousness. For this reason professional PR becomes increasingly important and there is a tendency towards companies bringing their PR workers into strategic decisions and counselling.

Professional press handling
At Medieministeriet we have a lot of experience with handling the press. Both when it comes to positioning yourself positively as a brand and if a crisis arises, and the company is suddenly in hot waters with the media.
Medieministeriet offers not only traditional PR services such as press handling and press releases, but also counselling in crisis situations. And it doesn’t matter if it’s proactive or reactive action that’s required.

Polar Is in Thisted got some experience with this in 2007 when the company suddenly found itself getting some unwanted publicity in the ‘Case of the Missing Wedding Band’. Someone had gone to the press and claimed to have found a wedding band in a box of ice cream from Polar Is. The claim was substantiated by a lovely, signed wedding band that was supposed to have somehow made its way to the ice cream.

A story like this is obviously a treat for a circulation hungry press corps, and the case got a lot of attention in the tabloids. In a case like this, where the media sets the agenda from the outset, it is a basic fact that you’re guilty until proven innocent, whether you like it or not, and no matter who’s right. But by virtue of a decisive and efficient management Polar Is, working closely with Related, managed to get a chance to tell their side of the story to the most central journalists.

In a factual and appreciative manner Polar Is showed decisiveness and made it clear that this was obviously a serious matter. Their honest and open approach took the edge off the drama in the media and among other things it resulted in DR choosing to cancel a planned segment on the missing wedding band. Not least of all because a talk with Polar Is made it clear to them that there was more to the case than met the eye.

The art of getting your say
The case of the wedding band illustrates quite nicely how it is becoming increasingly important for companies and organisations to appear visible, competent and credible to their surroundings. In a world where we as citizens and consumers are bombarded with information every day, and where every company therefore fights a tough battle to get their say, being heard and being unique becomes all-important. Here a professional handling of the press is obviously essential.

At Related we know how the press think and work. With our years of experience in working with the press and press relations we can increase your chance of getting your say at the right moment. We have the tools to help you in all facets of the press handling, including helping you to develop the messages and telling the stories, while at the same time enabling your company and your spokespersons to always consider the press in their external communication.

Public Relations

Broadly speaking, public relations is about your relations with the world around you and your stakeholders. Related can maintain and strengthen your relations to current and future customers through a goal-directed effort.

This might be PR events at product launches, press trips and study trips or through valuable speaking opportunities at fairs or relevant events.

More specifically PR is also very much about traditional product promotion through product PR that ensures that your products are mentioned in the right articles.


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