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12 November 2007
Does your website show up in search engines?
Eighty per cent of people looking for new products use a search engine. That’s why it’s important that your digital marketing creates a presence and visibility for your company and your products on the Internet and in search engines.

There are many advantages to search engine optimisation:

  • It increases your chances of being found when users search on Google
  • Your texts are touched up and updated
  • Your texts are targeted for the users of your website
  • The relevant search words are implemented strategically on your website
  • You get an opportunity to assess whether competition in your field is so tough that you need to buy Adwords on Google.
Targeted texts
A large part of search engine optimisation is going through the pages on your website and working in the search words you would like to be found through. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Related can work out a collective strategy for your search engine optimisation and implement your chosen search words on your website to give you a greater presence and a much better return on your Internet investment. At the same time we will freshen up your texts and messages further for your users.

Workshop – learn how to do it yourself
If you prefer to work with search engine optimisation yourself, we can also do a workshop where we go through your site and your search words together – and how you go about optimising both of them. This will also give you the ability to update and maintain your site with the tools you get at the workshop.

Google Adwords
If you want more visibility on Google, Related can work out a marketing campaign on the search engines through Google Adwords. With Google Adwords you create your own little ads, attached to your keywords. They will appear as “Google sponsored links” at the top of the page or in a sidebar on the right when people search through Google. It’s up to you how much you want to pay when people click on your ads.

Online Marketing

The Scandinavian countries have some of the most online citizens in the world. That’s why online marketing and social media are necessary if you want to approach the Scandinavian consumers.

There’s a fountain of opportunities for optimising your communication or marketing. Additionally, the price of contact is low and it is possible to track traffic and behaviour on the digital platforms to a very great extent. This means you can optimize and adjust you communication as you go along, based on what actually works.


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Travel Consul

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Case: Dubai

We manage all branding activities for Dubai Tourism in the 4 Nordic countries.

Case: Mobotix

We plan and coordinate all PR activities for Mobotix in the Nordic and Baltic countries.