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17 October 2008
Find the good story
A good news story starts with a good story – but how do you spot it? It’s often a question of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

It might be difficult to find a good story if you don’t know where to look for it. Our two consultants Trine Abild and Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen offer good advice on where to find the good stories.

Curious news agents
It might be hard to sniff out all of the good stories that are hiding in the many departments of a company. That’s why it’s often a good idea to have so-called news agents ‘placed’ in the various departments, who can then report back to the communications department when there’s something exciting going on.

“It is also a good idea if all employees in the communications and marketing department have a shared document, where they save ideas for exciting stories. Then you can always get out the document and brainstorm on the ideas, and in this way there’s always inspiration to be found when you need a good story”, says Communications Consultant Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen.

A mailbox where employees can leave suggestions might also be a good idea. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical mailbox, but might simply be a mailing address people can send all of their good ideas to.

Forget the boring board meeting minutes
The good story can be found in all corners of the company, and the employees’ lives and working days are often good places to find inspiration. It might for example be a new employee, a foreign co-worker, who can tell interesting stories from home or a former workplace, or it might be an employee who has been with the company for a very long time”, suggests Communications Consultant Trine Abild.

A good story can also be a new product that might make a difference for the customers, or a new business partner. It is important to get the right angle on these stories and give them a journalistic perspective, however, so the story doesn’t just become a dry product description filled with product specifications or a boring factsheet on a new business partner.

It is a good idea to place the product in a user situation or showcase it as part of a tendency. This makes it more relevant and thereby interesting to the reader”, explains Trine Abild.

Show off your place of work
There are often good stories to be found at company events, but they need to be relevant and interesting for the reader. No one wants to read the minutes from a board meeting, unless it has been angled and adjusted to suit the reader’s situation.

It can be interesting for both the company’s suppliers, partners, customers and employees to see how different departments work. A story like that might be angled by showing off the work done in that department against the challenges of the future or developments in the industry.

“The best piece of advice I can give is very simple: Keep your eyes and ears open. It is important to let people tell their story. Most people have an interesting story if they’re allowed to talk about the things that interest them”, concludes Trine Abild.



Et skarpt budskab handler ikke kun om at stave rigtigt eller at sætte ordene sammen i den rigtige rækkefølge. At kommunikere skriftligt handler om at få fortalt sit budskab på en letforståelig måde, om at signalere åbenhed og professionalisme – og om at undgå unødig støj, så modtageren misforstår dig eller måske helt mister interessen.

Dit budskab skal hverken tale ned til eller hen over hovedet på din målgruppe. Du skal være i stand til at ramme dine modtagere lige dér, hvor de kan mærke det.
Samtidig skal den gode tekst selvfølgelig matche det medie og den kommunikationskanal, den optræder i.

For tekst er ikke en metervare. En god webtekst fungerer ikke nødvendigvis godt i en brochure – og omvendt. Ordene, rækkefølgen, sammenhængen og stilen – det afhænger alt sammen af, hvem du vil ramme og hvor.


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