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15 May 2010
Product tests are the key to publicity
Product tests have become the height of fashion in the past few years. Both electronic and printed media love testing various products and writing about them in order to then give the tested products a number of stars to symbolise quality, price and properties.

You can find tests of everything from readymade meals to beauty products and mobile telephones in Danish and foreign media. From a PR perspective product tests are an excellent tool, because they can generate publicity for, for example, technically complex products that might struggle to be noticed otherwise.

Supplement to the classic press release
At Related we regularly help our clients get their products tested be the relevant media.

“Articles with product tests are an alternative way to get publicity and it is a good supplement to the classic press release. What happens is that journalists are sent a product which they then test and write a test article about. If you have a good product there’s a lot of publicity to be gained”, explains PR Communications Specialist Mette Louise Ohana.

Get tested where your target group is
At Relatedwe are very familiar with the media that do product tests. Because it matters which media test your product.

“It is important for our clients that their products get mentioned in the media that is consumed by their target group. We are very familiar with the media that do product tests – and we have a good sense of what you can do in the respective media”, continues Mette Louise Ohana.

Product tests for Targus
The group of products that is best suited for product tests is very large, and so is the amount of relevant media that tests various products. At Related we have more than three years of experience in helping the world’s leading manufacturer of computer bags and accessories, the American company Targus, get its products tested in product tests in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.

“Targus’ products range from computer bags to computer mice and keyboards. The products are tested continually in both online and printed IT media and they get a lot of valuable publicity in that way,” says Mette Louise Ohana.

Competition prizes
Finally there is, as another example of alternative ways to generate exposure for your product, the option of getting relevant media to offer your product as a prize in all sorts of competitions. Just as with product tests, Related are very familiar with the media that have regular reader competitions, as well as which media are happy to receive products for prizes in competitions.

Public Relations

Broadly speaking, public relations is about your relations with the world around you and your stakeholders. Related can maintain and strengthen your relations to current and future customers through a goal-directed effort.

This might be PR events at product launches, press trips and study trips or through valuable speaking opportunities at fairs or relevant events.

More specifically PR is also very much about traditional product promotion through product PR that ensures that your products are mentioned in the right articles.


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