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29 February 2008
Readers prefer customer magazines

A good customer magazine generates interest and is relevant to its target group. It not only describes products and tells stories from the company; it often deals with subjects that reflect the interests of the target group in a broader sense. That’s why it’s not surprising that there is a tendency towards people preferring customer magazines to other types of marketing.

An English survey conducted by Mintel Consultancy in 2005 showed that 91 per cent of the participants found customer magazines informative. At the same time 51 per cent trust product presentations in customer magazines more than advertisement. More than half of the respondents also find the quality of customer magazines to be good or very good.

Expertise in customer magazines

At Related we have years of experience with magazine production. We offer full package solutions, where we take care of the concept, journalistic content, design and printing.

Among other things we have been behind Telekæden’s corporate magazine, but we’re also hired as editorial sparring partners or to handle subtasks. For example, TechData wanted a journalistic facelift for their dealer magazine, so today we counsel them on content and deliver a fixed number of pages for each publication.

The magazine Freedomatwork-magazine is the latest addition to our list. Duba-B8 is behind this magazine, which is a combination of an electronic newsletter and teaser articles that take the readers to the electronic version of the magazine, which holds all the actual articles. The entire magazine is also printed, and in this way Duba-B8 creates a synergy between the printed and digital media.

In addition to producing whole magazines on our own or helping to produce them, we also do quality checks for those who need a kick in the behind or want input on visual tools to get the best possible correlation between form and content.



A sharp message isn’t just about correct spelling or putting the words in the right order. Communicating in writing is about getting your message out in a way that’s easy to understand, about signalling openness and professionalism – and about avoiding unnecessary noise, which might make the recipient misunderstand you or maybe even lose interest completely.

At Related we specialise in copywriting and can produce texts for any purpose from brochures and profile texts to cases and newsletters.

We ensure that your message neither talks down to nor goes over the head of your target group – and that it matches the medium and the channel of communication it appears in.


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