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22 November 2008
Related at a workshop conference on digital media
On 19 November 2008 there was a Digital Marketing conference at Nupark in Holstebro and Related sent three representatives off for an interesting day of workshops about everything from mobile marketing to visual storytelling.

The conference “Digital Marketing” was held for the first time in 2007, and the level of interest and the subsequent positive feedback meant that IT Forum decided to host another workshop conference about the developments in digital marketing this year.

At the conference we could choose from a total of fifteen different workshops, and we chose to attend as many as possible, in order to gain the most knowledge possible for the office”, says Trine Abild, Communications Consultant at Related.

Among other things, the conference offered new knowledge on how to use digital media more effectively, and whether they’re actually even worth the trouble. You could also attend more concrete workshops on subjects like search engine optimisation or viral and mobile marketing.

“We had a very interesting day. I learned a lot about the newest modes of communication, and at the same time I got a chance to speak with a lot of interesting people in the industry, who could offer some perspective on the topics I had just heard about at the talks”, says Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen, Communications Consultant at Related.


Online Marketing

The Scandinavian countries have some of the most online citizens in the world. That’s why online marketing and social media are necessary if you want to approach the Scandinavian consumers.

There’s a fountain of opportunities for optimising your communication or marketing. Additionally, the price of contact is low and it is possible to track traffic and behaviour on the digital platforms to a very great extent. This means you can optimize and adjust you communication as you go along, based on what actually works.


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