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11 February 2010
Social media: Inflation or added value
A hype unlike anything we’ve seen before has been created around ‘social media’ like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, Flickr etc.

A lot of companies jump on the bandwagon without any actual strategy or set goals for working with social media. This is mistake number one, because then how do you know that the money you spend on it generates a profit?

What to do?
What do you do if members are openly critical of your company on Facebook? You post a video gimmick on YouTube, but will anyone see it? You begin micro blogging on Twitter, but what do you talk about, and who keeps the conversation going?

And most importantly, what should be the actual goal of each effort you make in social media? Do you want to generate more traffic on your website? Is it entirely a question of branding? Do you need to start a dialogue with your target group as a means to targeting your segmented marketing? Or is it more about engaging your customers in order to keep them?

When investments create added value
No matter what, it takes employee resources to work with social media, because you need to sign up, design it, maintain it, expand it and measure its effect. Without a clear online strategy that supports the company’s business targets, and without ROMI (return-on-marketing-investment) as a tool for measuring the results, those resources will be wasted and your initiatives might even backfire.


Online Marketing

The Scandinavian countries have some of the most online citizens in the world. That’s why online marketing and social media are necessary if you want to approach the Scandinavian consumers.

There’s a fountain of opportunities for optimising your communication or marketing. Additionally, the price of contact is low and it is possible to track traffic and behaviour on the digital platforms to a very great extent. This means you can optimize and adjust you communication as you go along, based on what actually works.


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