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17 October 2008
Social media turn communication on its head
The social media have grabbed hold of the millions of users on the Internet in record time, but a lot of companies have begun to see the possibilities in the new modes of communication, too.

For instance, the social media have already played a deciding part in the Danish election last autumn, when Anders Fogh made himself noticed on Facebook.

“The most important prerequisite for using social media is that companies wish to communicate openly with the world and are prepared for the responses they get from their customers – even if the responses are critical”, explains Director of Related Henrik Koch.

Social media give the users on the Internet an opportunity to discuss and share experiences with others. In this way the media turn the recipient-sender relationship upside down, and this can make communication more exciting and complex – and often more credible.

 “It costs both time and money to keep up with what is being said about one’s product or company in the many social networks on the internet, but oftentimes using resources on monitoring and controlling communication between users pays off”, explains Henrik Koch, who goes on:

“The users on the Internet share knowledge more and more and recommend products or websites to each other. If companies can make users do this on their own site there’s a better chance of guiding communication along the right lines.

Video press releases
Social media can be used in a lot of contexts. Several companies use social media in the product development phase, where they use interaction with customers to adjust their products to the market. But social media might be useful in the recruitment process as well.

“When companies use for instance blogs or RSS feeds to show that they’re an attractive workplace they are also signalling that they are a visionary and fun place to work.  Recruiting through social networks where a candidate is recommended by someone else, as might be seen on LinkedIn, is quite common”, says Henrik Koch.

The social media are very likely to be a deciding factor in how we do press work. In future, will we be streaming press releases as video clips or have interactive press centres that journalists can access to spread our message more widely? The traditional press release is hardly likely to be extinct, but it will be interesting to see how the social media are going to supplement the more traditional press activities in the future.

If you wish to learn more about using social media in your company’s communication, we recommend that you take a look at the video clips below, which offer good explanations on the various social media.

See and hear the defintion on blogs
See and hear the defintion on RSS
See and hear the defintion of social media


Online Marketing

The Scandinavian countries have some of the most online citizens in the world. That’s why online marketing and social media are necessary if you want to approach the Scandinavian consumers.

There’s a fountain of opportunities for optimising your communication or marketing. Additionally, the price of contact is low and it is possible to track traffic and behaviour on the digital platforms to a very great extent. This means you can optimize and adjust you communication as you go along, based on what actually works.


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