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12 June 2008
Strategies that benefit communication
A communication strategy helps to control and guarantee quality in the day to day management of the company’s communication – internally and externally. It is used to make the company more visible and to ensure that information reaches the right target group at the right time.

The goal is, depending on the company’s possible problems, to spread knowledge widely, affect opinions or to make people act. These are all things that help to generate more business in the long run.

At Related we see the importance of working out strategies so companies are prepared and not least of all agree on what they want to communicate – even if the recession hits them. That’s why we want to help form strategies and tools to create the best possible results of communication.

One company – one communication
A lot of companies work out their own strategies, but often it can be an advantage to get outside help – for one thing to see the company from a distance. But it is important to point out that strategies need to be worked out in close cooperation with the client, so the ownership of the client’s business is secured. Once a strategy has been worked out – and that might be demanding in terms of time and resources – it is there as a kind of encyclopaedia from which employees can get information about the company’s values and goals, as well as how to communicate these. This guarantees that the company is perceived as a unit, both from the inside and the outside, and that messages are always consistent.

Press strategy – part of the communication strategy
No matter how good a company’s external communication and marketing is, it is often through the media that current and future employees, customers, business partners and other interested parties get their information about the company. This is why it’s important to maintain a good and professional relationship with journalists and the media. Partly to get a chance to tell the good stories and partly to make sure that the stories you’re less keen to share get told as accurately as possible.

A press strategy, therefore, is an element of the overall communication strategy, which lays out the goals and elements that are the foundation of the press work.

At Related we are experienced in this field, and when we shape PR strategies we also make sure that these are in accordance with the company’s values and visions.

Among other things, working with a press strategy involves the following steps:

Step 1: Workshop
The purpose of the workshop is that Related and the client meet to get some insight, verbalise the company’s needs and brainstorm in order to get a good starting point for the PR strategy. At the workshop, the following items will be on the agenda:
• Why PR?
• Insight into the company (values, areas of business, etc.)
• Qualitative and quantitative goals, areas of focus and press barriers
• Press policies: Press releases, choice of media and journalists, spokespersons, press room, etc.

Step 2: Strategy and execution
Once the workshop is over, Related’s consultants will complete the strategy, which will contain the following:
• Overall goals for the PR activity
• Areas of focus
• Gross list – possible stories and angles
• Press policies
• Press room
• Internal press kit
• Internal procedure for working with external PR agency
• Debriefing (measuring the effect and visibility of the press work)
• PR activity plan (who, what, when?)
• Budget for one year’s PR work
• Cooperation / Steps

The client can choose to handle the execution of the strategy himself or get help from Related.

Strategic Consulting

Communication needs a direction and a goal to work as intended. That’s why it’s essential to work out an overall strategy for your communication efforts. A strategy that supports your business strategy and ensures consistency and coherence in your communication.

Related counsels on strategic communication and public relations in the Scandinavian market. We know the market and we know the channels. That’s why we can help you to decide how best to get through to the Scandinavian consumers – and how to get the best value for money.


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