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4 February 2008
The newsletter works!

At Related we have produced newsletters for both B2B and B2C clients for a number of years. It’s our experience that the electronic newsletter is one of the best investments you can make because it works as a cornerstone in the external communication. A cornerstone that ensures that the sender is top-of-mind with the recipient and reaches them directly in their personal inbox. But why? Is the electronic newsletter opened? And does it get read?

Use the statistics and adjust your content as you go along
At Medieministeriet we only send out newsletters that are tracked and analysed, and we always report back to our clients. Because a newsletter is only successful if its content is relevant to the recipient and it gives the recipient value – in the form of knowledge that the recipient finds relevant. This is how you avoid getting your newsletter deleted instantly.

A statistics module for a newsletter should be able to track the recipient’s behaviour in every detail. To make a difference the module should not only track the opening rate, but also register:

• Which recipients open the newsletter and when

• Which articles are clicked

• Who unsubscribes

It is essential that you take the time to read and understand the statistics, compare them to previous publications and consider whether the content of the newsletter needs to be adjusted. No two recipient groups are the same, and if it turns out that your particular recipient group likes reading customer cases it’s a good idea to prioritise this type of texts.

At Related we collect the statistics for all newsletter publications in a database. In this way we have a good and well-documented basis for advising clients on recipients’ behaviour and guiding them to put together a newsletter with content that matches the statistics.

Extra features
The quantitative statistics can be supplemented by a more qualitative approach that gives a more nuanced picture of the recipient’s attitude towards the newsletter. With an online analysis, which can be distributed on a webpage, in e-pages and directly in the newsletter, the recipients get a chance to voice their opinions and make suggestions for new types of articles and concrete things they would like to read more about.

The electronic newsletter is also excellent for distributing your company’s online publications (e-pages), competitions, online analyses, etc – so you make the most of the time the recipient gives you.


Online Marketing

The Scandinavian countries have some of the most online citizens in the world. That’s why online marketing and social media are necessary if you want to approach the Scandinavian consumers.

There’s a fountain of opportunities for optimising your communication or marketing. Additionally, the price of contact is low and it is possible to track traffic and behaviour on the digital platforms to a very great extent. This means you can optimize and adjust you communication as you go along, based on what actually works.


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