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26 April 2010
Write for your readers and for the search engines
Your texts are worthless if no one finds them. And if they are found, they’re still worthless if they aren’t articulate, targeted and able to account for your products, output or services.

These are challenges we often hear about, and in order to solve this problem Related has now developed a workshop that combines journalism and technical requirements. Briefly put it is a workshop that combines search engine optimisation and a writing course, so your company or your co-workers learn to reach both readers and Google.

Search engine optimisation for everyone
A lot of companies never get started on search engine optimisation because it just seems too confusing.

It is a complex area and this keeps a lot of companies from going into it themselves. And financial issues keep a lot of companies from buying help from expensive and often technically based search engine experts. But that’s a shame, because in reality anyone can get started on optimising the texts on their website for readers and search engines quite easily, if they’re given some concrete tools that are easy to approach”, says Project Manager at Related Trine Abild.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune
Related’s workshop is aimed at all types of public and private companies that wish to optimise their website and texts for Google, but who do not wish to spend a fortune on it.

 “We can give the people who work with these texts every day some relatively simple checklists and tools that will give them results. In this way the writers themselves can be in charge of ongoing search engine optimisation”, explains Trine Abild, who continues:

 “This new way of working with SEO is sort of like making Dogma films. There are some rules, and then you just need to be creative within the boundaries that have been set for you. And to work in the tips and tricks you get, so they become part of how you write.”

Targeted training
Unlike many of the other SEO courses available, Related’s workshop is based on the company’s own website.

For those companies that don’t already have a strategy for words they wish to base their SEO on, Related can perform an advanced analysis of the website. This will result in a prioritised list of relevant and competitive keywords that the website could be optimised for.

”The actual work on search engine optimisation at the workshop can then be based on this list, so we’re sure that employees aren’t just equipped to make actual changes but also have a strategy for what to change and optimise”, says Trine Abild.

In this way the company gets – at a relatively low cost – a complete SEO strategy, while at the same time its employees are trained in carrying it through.

Write so people understand you
The workshop is also about writing better texts, so you’re sure that the text that is found on Google can be understood and reaches the right audience.

“The improve-your-writing part of the workshop is about learning how to communicate in writing, how to get your message across, how to make yourself easily understood, avoid misunderstandings, and exude openness and professionalism in your texts. This is done by going through a lot of the linguistic bad habits that can make texts more complicated than they need to be, and by teaching some techniques that are easy to use, which can make difficult texts easier to digest.

Kill two birds with one cursor
The workshop takes place at the company and is tailored for the individual company, the number of participants and their backgrounds.

The price for the workshop is between 7,900DKK and 17,100DKK, depending on the need for an advanced website analysis and the setup of the course.



A sharp message isn’t just about correct spelling or putting the words in the right order. Communicating in writing is about getting your message out in a way that’s easy to understand, about signalling openness and professionalism – and about avoiding unnecessary noise, which might make the recipient misunderstand you or maybe even lose interest completely.

At Related we specialise in copywriting and can produce texts for any purpose from brochures and profile texts to cases and newsletters.

We ensure that your message neither talks down to nor goes over the head of your target group – and that it matches the medium and the channel of communication it appears in.


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