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8. Marts 2013
Around-the-world trip in Herning in just one weekend
The Caribbean, Southern Europe and Southwest Jutland - the visitors went far and wide on the travel fair "Ferie for alle", which recently took place in Herning, Denmark. Similarly, Related’s geographical reach was diverse, as we represented several of our customers’ destinations and guided visitors in their choice of everything from attractions to camping sites.

In addition to advice and guidance on the respective stands, the three days of exhibition also included organisation of contests with the possibility to win trips, distribution of samples to the 63,000 visitors and meetings with travel journalists and travel organizers. All in all, a busy but successful travel fair, which is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia.

Croatia more popular than ever
The Danes love Croatia. The number of Danish tourists in Croatia rose by 10 percent in 2012, compared with 2011, and the Mediterranean country with the many islands, the picturesque Riviera, and the green mountains again this year was a big draw for the Danish guests looking for a sunny holiday destination.

One of the new Croatian “rising stars” is the Kvarner Bay. Therefore, this year was an occasion to update the travel journalists and travel organizers on this particular region that – among other things - offers wellness and eco-friendly camping sites. This happened at a press event Friday, which is traditionally the big day for the travel journalists at the fair.
The event was attended by both travel journalists and tour operators, and in addition to the inputs on the Kvarner region as a destination, they also got a taste of the local specialties and brandy from the islands in the Kvarner bay.
Ouzo, Egyptian dance and tourist destinations under development
The Greek stand also offered tasting samples in the shape of the Greek national drink, Ouzo. Related assisted with the distribution, and a contest with the possibility to win several trips to Greece. Both were popular features that attracted curious visitors - who at the same time received useful travel information about the Greek islands.
The Egyptian Tourism Board, which who is also a customer of Related, also contributed with exotic elements. On the stage in the Europe Hall, the visitors had the opportunity to experience traditional Egyptian dance that made everyone in the mood for a holiday among the pyramids.
The Dominican Republic was, with its white sandy beaches, in itself an exotic feature. The country is a rapidly developing tourist destination, and several Danish travel operators expanded the program with direct flights to The Dominican Republic. Thus, the Caribbean holiday paradise was a big attraction in Herning.
In addition, the fair included meetings with the Czech Tourist Board and Destination Southwest Jutland, who are also among Related’s tourism customers.

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