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May 3, 2014
Entrepreneurship and innovation across the border
In the beginning of April the yearly Danish-German Business Day was held in the border area. Related’s Hanna Johansson was invited to present some of the projects in our network and to share practical experiences concerning PR and tourism with stakeholders from the cross-border tourism industry. The general purposes for the day were entrepreneurship, innovation and networking to strengthen all kinds of businesses across the Danish-German border.

In April this year, Hanna Johansson was in Flensburg to tell about PR in the tourism industry and present some of the cases which Related and partners have been working with.
The occasion was the Danish-German Business Day which invited to a day filled with entrepreneurship, innovation and networking to focus on business in the Danish-German border area. During the day, Danish AspIT and German Institut für eHealth und Management im Gesundheitswesen were awarded with an innovation prize. Afterwards, the participants were divided into inspirational forums where they got the opportunity to network and share experiences within different industries and themes.
Experience economy and tourism on the program
Each forum had its own focus and topic – sustainability, health and welfare, and experience economy and tourism, which was the forum Hanna Johansson participated at. Hanna has been working with tourism in Flensburg for many years and she was happy to be able to share both her own and Related’s great experiences within this subject.
- My presentation was very well received and it was both exciting and inspiring to be part of the business day and be able to share Related’s experiences and at the same time hear about other successful projects within tourism, says Hanna Johansson, who had a rewarding day together with the about 300 participants.

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