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19. May 2011
Get more from your PR agency
Recently, American PR-CEO Dorothy Crenshaw came with nine tips to make your relationship with your PR partner as efficient as possible. We have given that some thought, and now we are ready with our own eight tips.

1. Please - take your time
When outsourcing your PR to a PR agency it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend time on PR at all. At least not if you want to see results. We are only as good as the information we are given so it is very important that you take the time to give a proper brief and deliver competent feedback. This is actually one of the most important things if we are to make the relationship as efficient and successful as possible. 

2. Tell us about your goals and expectations
Misunderstandings do happen. Even in the communication business. The more we know about your expectations and priorities, the better we can help you obtain them. It is of no use if we produce press coverage in 50 regional news papers if all you want is publicity in a nationwide business media or a morning talk show.  

3. Please let us know if you need anything else
We always provide you with the counseling and assistance you ask for – but we will always tell you if we think there is a better and more profitable way to handle things. If you are looking for untraditional ideas, let us know. We are always trying to spend our time as effective as possible meaning that we don’t sit around brainstorming oblique concepts unless we know that is what you want.

4. Tick tock
Our time is our bread-and-butter and we price our jobs based on the estimated time consumption. Therefore it is actually cheaper and more effective if you e.g. put all your questions in one e-mail instead of five, run the proof reading as one instead of sending corrections from different people in separate mails – and send all input on time so we don’t waste your hours by waiting for your input.

5. Don’t keep us in the dark
”If you want me to help you, you need to tell me the truth” – a line you’ll hear all defense attorneys say in most American movies. And that is actually not far from the truth. We can give you a better solution the more we know about you. If we don’t know the whole story we can easily come across as ignorant on your behalf when talking to the press. 

6. Give us feedback
If you think we have done a good job, please tell us. But we would also like to know if you are not satisfied with our performance. We love clients who appreciate our work and efforts. Positive feedback makes us want to work even harder for your results. And constructive criticism can be very helpful. We only want positive feedback when we deserve it. 

7. Place the responsibility with us
When we make a recommendation it is because our experience tells us that it is the right solution in that particular situation. So even though you want four lines from the CEO’s resume in your press release or eight product offers in your newsletter it might be in your best interest to listen to our recommendation and leave it out.  

8. Your wish is our command
The more we know about your needs the easier it is for us to fulfill them. So if you would like us to keep in contact, regularly, to see if anything new happened please let us know. And if you don’t want to talk when we are not working on a specific project with you, please let us know. It makes it a lot easier for us to be the agency and partner you need.

See Dorothy Crenshaw’s nine tips here

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