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3. Ocober 2011
How do we get tourism on the media’s agenda?
How does tourism, the world’s fourth largest business, achieve a media coverage equivalent to its size? This matter was discussed by journalists from CNN, Time Magazine and the Guardian at UN’s first International Conference on Tourism and the Media which was recently held in Croatia.

Tourism is the world’s fourth largest business. Globally, every twelve person works within tourism. Yet, tourism is not well represented in the media. Media coverage usually only includes travel sites with reports on fantastic hotels, white sandy beaches and travel offers. The Danish media’s focus on foreign destinations matches the fact that the Nordic market is the third largest outbound market in Europe, ahead of countries like France and Spain.

But how do we move the tourism agenda from the travel section onto news and finance sites? Journalists from some of the world’s leading media offered their solutions to this during UN’s first conference on tourism and the media, which was recently held in Croatia.

People and stories rather than numbers
At CNN International, they approach tourism stories with a focus on people rather than numbers and facts. According to correspondent Frederik Pleitgen, they prioritise stories that contain a human angle.  For instance, they would never cover a hotel opening, but if the hotel is designed by an interesting designer, has an exciting cook employed or if the hotel will positively affect the local area, it can lead to the story being covered.

Michael Schuman from Time Magazine emphasised that the story has to be angled towards something other than tourism in order to get the tourism part included. Confused? Perhaps, but it makes perfect sense when the messages in the broader media have to be “sold” to recipients who do not have a direct travel need or tourism insight.

At the same time, Schuman pointed out that an article should be a story with a beginning and an ending where the reader gets an experience rather than a recital of facts and advertising – a tip that is hereby passed on to communicators.

Honest talk opens up for growth
A good example of successful PR about something other than just beautiful beaches and sunrises on shimmery paper can be seen in Colombia. Through a very open and honest dialogue with the media, they have succeeded in turning the negative attitude on Colombia around, and they are now experiencing an explosive growth in tourism. According to Director Juan Guillermo Pérez, they have not tried to hide the problematic areas. On the contrary, they have invited the media inside and showed them their challenges and worries. But they have also shown how they want to turn the negative development around through tourism. Colombia is an example of how one can create growth without a big marketing budget by using different channels.

So according to the conference, honesty, stories about people and new angles is the way forward in order to get tourism in the headlines and give the industry the spot in the media that it deserves.


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