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June 22, 2015
International tech brands make their debut at this year's TechBrief
When Related will host TechBrief 2015 this autumn, Nordic tech editors can look forward to presentations and product demonstrations from amongst others Kingston, Logitech, Creative and MOBOTIX, as they will all participate in TechBrief for the first time. New this year is also the event location; TechBrief will take place in Stockholm, and the preparations are well on their way.

In September Related’s joint press event TechBrief will kick off for the third time. During two event days interesting tech brands from all over the world will meet Nordic tech press face to face to present new products and technologies, discuss trends and tendencies, and coordinate reviews and network. 

Impressing Line-up
This year, the list of participating brands features several big players from the world of consumer technology. International brands such as Kingston, Logitech, Creative and MOBOTIX are all newcomers, but the list also counts repeaters from the previous years such as BenQ, NETGEAR, Synology and LG. 
-We will present a strong line-up again this year. We are thrilled that so many participants wish to participate again while at the same time TechBrief can attract new big brands. It confirms that we have built a strong event concept, and we can’t wait to open the doors to TechBrief 2015, says Kathrine Graugaard, Account Executive at Related. 
It is often difficult for editors to find time to participate in press events held by merely one vendor. This is the reason why Related gather a range of brands at the same event, thereby enhancing news value for participating press. This constitutes the cornerstone of the event concept that was first introduced in 2013 when TechBrief took place in Copenhagen.
TechBrief in the middle of Arlanda Airport
This year, TechBrief will be held in Stockholm at Radisson Blu SkyCity in Arlanda airport. This will make it even more convenient for press to participate, because editors from the Nordic countries can literally step out of the plane and into the conference rooms. 
-Stockholm is the heart of Scandinavia and many international companies run their Nordic activities from here. Therefore, it makes sense to host TechBrief here as well. At the same time, Stockholm is ideal from a press perspective because the Swedish capital is convenient travel distance for editors coming from Norway, Denmark and Finland, Kathrine explains. 
During the next couple of months until the event, Related will be working on the planning, press invitations, pitching and the overall coordination with editors and participants in order to get everything ready for TechBrief. Though several big brands have already signed up, there is still a few open slots left, and we are currently trying to find out, which brands will fill them out. 
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