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March 12, 2015
ITB Berlin Brings Possibilities
More than 10,000 exhibitors, 23,000 conference guests, 50,000 private visitors and 115,000 industry visitors visited the world’s largest travel fair, ITB Berlin, and ensured that it once again became a huge success. Henrik Koch from Related was there, when the global travel industry gathered in the German capital to display that the golden days of travel are back.

The 10,000 exhibitors had plenty of room for lavish display areas in the more than 170,000 m2 large venue. At the travel trade fair in the beginning of March, you could visit hotels, destinations, resorts, spa-retreats, tourist organizations, hotel receptionists, smiling flight attendants and many more industry people and tourism organizations from around the globe. They even brought along local cultural entertainment such as dancers, singers, mimes etc. 

New Possibilities, New Partners
The travel fair is not just a Mecca for curious tourists and travel journalists. It is a possibility for the entire industry to come together and get to know each other, have meetings and develop new partnerships.  
- When you are going to a travel fair this size, you really need to come prepared. Before I arrived at the fair, I set up a line of meetings with people from my network and potential clients, so naturally I were optimistic, when I arrived at the ITB Berlin. I am happy to say, that I ended up going home with 16 very positive meetings in my suitcase, explains Henrik Koch, CEO in Related.
- After we have launched the second edition of our Travel Image analysis, I feel that Related is slowly becoming an international go-to agency, when the tourist destinations want to attract the Nordic travelers. 
The Travel Lifestyle Network of All Travel Lifestyle Networks
One of the meetings that Henrik participated in during the ITB Berlin travel trade show was with TLN, Travel Lifestyle Network, where Related is the only Nordic partner. TLN has had an amazing ITB Berlin fair. During the meeting, the partners have strengthened their global network, shared experiences, made deals and agreements and discussed the possibility to enter more members into the network.

TLN has grown to become one of the leading tourism and lifestyle networks in the world. In fact, just this year the TLN has submitted Singapore, Russia, Spain and several others in the global travel network, and it doesn’t look like the expansion is about to stop. According to Henrik, the TLN has never experienced a bigger interest from new and potential partners than in the recent year.
A Strong 2015 Awaits
At ITB Berlin, they are looking forward to a brilliant tourist year in 2015. After the event, the feeling is that the entire industry is developing in a positive direction. In fact, this reflects in the increased volume of sales, which is estimated to a staggering 7 billion euros while the fair has been running. 
In Relateds Travel Image 2015, the positive travel tendencies of 2015 are also clear. The report shows that 68.8 % of the Scandinavian tourists expects to spend the same or more money on travels in 2015 compared to 2014.  
In 2016 the ITB Berlin turns 50 year old, it will be exciting to see what the German travel fair comes up with to celebrate this milestone. 

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