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22. February 2013
Kick starting 2013 with Tech Veteran
Related experiences growing pains and, hence, adds an experienced Tech consultant and technology enthusiast to its team with the aim of aiding clients with business development across the Nordic countries.

Related’s focus on the technology sector has resulted in an increasing number of clients, both in Denmark and on a pan-Nordic scale, which we are proud of. As a result, we are now strengthening our Tech team by the addition of Thomas Jørgen Jacobsen as of February 1st, 2013.

Thomas’ role is that of a Channel Consultant, as he consults technology brands regarding business development and channel marketing in the Nordic region.

Thomas’ academic background is within marketing and business administration from Westminster University and IBC International Business College.

Prior to him joining Related, he was employed with sales and marketing consultancy for MSI, an international computer component and notebook manufacturer. He has also previously taken on communications challenges, handling corporate communication for hosting firm Surftown. In order to satisfy his tech cravings, he has worked as a freelance journalist for both Danish and international tech publications during several years.
Thomas Jørgen Jacobsen

Thomas Jørgen Jacobsen

Channel Consultant
M.Sc. in Marketing and Business Administration
T. +45 31 58 82 48

With some fifteen years in the IT industry, Thomas has built up an unusually broad experience in various branches of business operations. He is a fearless problem solver, who eagerly and enthusiastically is passionate about any technological challenge.

Thomas plays a key role in Related, where he helps tech customers in the Nordic countries developing their business. Previously, he has also advised on online communication, entrepreneurship and has extensive experience in promotion via social media.

As a self-taught geek, he is the safest choice to battle computers, design a website or review technology products that require a level beyond that of power users.

Thomas has a background in marketing and business administration from Westminster University and IBC – International Business College.

In his spare time he was previously often seen using liquid nitrogen to cool his computers, but has nowadays shifted his attention to the fitness center.



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