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1. November 2011
Medieministeriet changes name - and profile
As of 1st of November we are changing our name to Related. There are several reasons for this.

The most important reason is that we are revising and updating our perception of PR. We do this because the digital development puts forward new demands for companies and organisations, and because credibility is more important than ever. Not just when you want to be in the media. 

All this means that we, as a PR agency, have to consider PR from a much broader perspective than just press releases and media contact. PR is just as much about social media, events, brand alliances, videos and Google rankings.

The future calls for specialists
This requires special knowledge, and not least that we think creatively and innovatively every single day. The reason for this is that the new digital and social media supply us with incredibly many new opportunities; and we want to be specialists in these.

This calls for focus. We do not believe in being experts within all communication disciplines, but we believe in being specialists within PR, and we believe that this is the right – and only – way to go as a modern PR agency.

International focus
At the same time, we are experiencing a greater international demand, and many of our international clients and partners view the Nordic countries as one collective market. This requires that we, to a larger extent, think and act internationally.

Thus, it calls for an international profile and an international name.

So what is PR now?
Simply put, Public Relations is about developing, strengthening and maintaining one’s relations. It is about creating trust and credibility among customers, employees, citizens, consumers, the press, partners and authorities – on all available platforms.

Therefore, from now on, our name is Related, because relations is the core in everything that we do.

What does it mean for our customers?
For our existing customers it means that they get a more creative, specialised and innovative business partner with updated PR knowledge. We will continue to solve most of the tasks that we solve today – only better. 

And then we are ditching the thought about communication strategy.

Goodbye to the communication strategy
The reason for this is that the digital development and the many new media have made it definitively impossible to control one’s communication with one single collective strategy. For instance, a critical movie on YouTube can in a few hours lead to a complete rearrangement of your priorities. 

Therefore, we believe more in thinking long-term and planning short-term. But with a point of departure in a fixed communication core that is completely your own and that does not change as fast as your surrounding world.

So this is our plan. This is what we believe in. And this is what we are looking forward to realise.

About Related

Related is a modern PR agency that works goal-oriented on strengthening companies’ and organisations’ reputations and relations to their surroundings. We do this both on the platforms that you own as well as the platforms that you cannot control yourself.

We view PR from a broad perspective. We do not believe in being experts within all communication disciplines. But we believe in being specialists within PR and in thinking creatively and innovatively every single day. In fact, we believe this is the right and only way to go as a modern PR agency.

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