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January 28, 2014
New interns at Related
An amazing 2013 was ended with cake, champagne and silly hats as it is tradition. The holiday is soon forgotten and both January and the everyday life have done its entry. While the rain is pouring down and the sky is grey, there is optimism at the office where Related is happy not only to welcome the new year but also two new interns

Related’s associates are now back at the office after a deserved Christmas holiday that put an end to a 2013 where we both got a lot of new costumers and new employees. Between them you will now find two new interns who are looking forward to help Related lift the many exciting projects we are working on.
Christina Hansen
One of the new interns is Christina, who loves weekend trips, eating nice food and scheduling her calendar. Her internship at Related is a part of her studies for the master’s degree in Media Science at Aarhus University. In addition, she has experience with text writing and communication from INET-Design, a digital agency in Aarhus.

Christina spent her Christmas holiday eating Christmas cakes and sugared potatoes, playing Candy Crush and writing exam papers. Now she is more than ready to write all sorts of texts at Related.
Camilla Andersen
After a lovely holiday spend relaxing, eating vanilla cookies and drinking traditional Danish  “gløgg”, Camilla has started her internship at Related. Camilla is just about to finish her master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University. Earlier she has been an intern in a team building company where she took care of their external communication. During her studies she has lived in the US and generally Camilla enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures.
In Related Camilla is assisting with text writing, project coordination and research which both she and Related is looking forward to.

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