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August 6, 2015
New interns at Related
For most of the Related team, summer holidays have ended and the new Aarhus office is once again full of life. After the holidays, we have welcomed two new members of our team, the interns Mette and Sarah. They have already found themselves organized behind their desks and for the next couple of months they are going to learn about all the different facets a workday in a PR agency entails.

Fueled by warm coffee and attention, Related’s new interns Sarah and Mette are spending these days being introduced to some of the projects and tasks they will immerse themselves in as interns at Related during the next five to six months. For a while, their study books will gather dust at home and in the meantime, Mette and Sarah will become acquainted with fields of work such as project coordination, social media, and research together with many different kinds of copywriting. 
Put on the PR glasses
Mette is studying a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University and she has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communication. She has spent her summer holiday working in the theme park Legoland, serving the many guests in one of the park’s restaurants. Now she is ready to take off her apron and put on the PR glasses. 

After a long and eventful summer holiday with activities such as a canoe trip and sunbathing on Mallorca, Sarah is also ready to exchange her bathing towel for a sharp pen. She is currently studying a Master´s degree in Media Studies at Aarhus University and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Event Culture. 
Eager to get started
Both interns have been looking forward to getting a foretaste of what to come when they hand in their Master’s thesis next summer. 
- Already during our first week, we got to work with different PR assignments. It has definitely whetted my appetite for more and I am ready to dig deeper into Related’s PR machinery, Sarah says.
- The first days have been truly exciting. We were off to a great start with an instructive introduction and now we are getting to know each other, the agency and the workday – so we are ready to get our hands on the assignments, Mette elaborates. 

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