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March 14, 2016
New TechBrief website online
Recently, a new website for Related’s yearly press event TechBrief went live. The site shall keep both editors and brands up-to-date on the event concept and upcoming events while allowing them to see pictures from previous events and much more.

For three years Related has with great success hosted TechBrief; the biggest joint press event for tech brands in the Nordics. Over the course of just few years, TechBrief has grown into a well-established event concept that editors look forward to attending year after year. Therefore the event has now got its own website, which gathers all information about coming events – and the event concept in general – in a convenient way.

Simple and effective concept
The idea behind TechBrief is simple, yet effective: Journalists from all over the Nordic region are being flown in to attend a day packed with presentations and product demonstrations. During the first part of the day, participating brands get to deliver a 20 minute brief to attending press. After an informal and enjoyable lunch allowing brands and media to socialize and network, the doors to the TechBrief product exhibition open. At the exhibition all participating brands exhibit their products and technologies, and brand representatives are ready to deliver exciting product demonstrations. The stage is set for networking, interviews, coordinating product tests, etc.

Learn more about TechBrief
Learn more about the TechBrief concept and the advantages of a joint press event, read statements from participating brands and see pictures from previous events on the new website:

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