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May 4, 2015
Related at TBEX Conference with Bloggers and the Travel Industry
In the last week of April, Related participated in the TBEX Conference in Spain. At TBEX, travel bloggers gather from around the globe to meet with representatives behind the travel industry. Trough debates and lectures they gain and share knowledge on how bloggers, tourist counsels, travel agencies and others can work together and benefit from each other.

Related strives to constantly keep its finger on the pulse in order to keep up with the ever-changing media landscape. Blogging is one of the new types of media channels that have emerged during the past 10 years.

Therefore, Christina Hansen from Related went to Costa Brava north of Barcelona in late April to attend the TBEX Conference to stay updated on the latest trends within blogging and social media. The objective was to gain more knowledge within the field, for the benefit of Related’s tourism clients. 

Opening reception in Spanish
The TBEX Conference kicked off Thursday evening with a beach party outside Lloret del Mar. All the participants were sailed to the beach, where they walked through the golden sand to the location of the party.  Here they were met with traditional Catalonian entertainment, music and a number of tables serving different traditional Spanish delicacies, tapas and local wine. 
Friday morning the conference started. The program included two schedules; one for the travel industry and one for the bloggers. Representatives from the travel industry gathered to discuss themes such as the differences between social media and bloggers, and ways of generating strong and long-lasting relations with bloggers. Meanwhile, the participating bloggers were discussing, amongst others, how a strong SEO effort can increase the number of readers and visitors.
Knowledge sharing from around the world
Throughout the two-days-conference several bloggers and representatives from the travel industry shared their experiences with successful campaigns and collaborations and got inspired from each other.
- It is very interesting for us to hear how other companies in the travel industry are working with travel bloggers. At the same time, conferences such as TBEX emphasize that bloggers are here to stay.  This is in particular due to the personal angle bloggers add to content and that they often have very loyal and engaged readers compared with traditional media, Henrik Koch, CEO at Related, explains.  
The Impressions will be passed on
Now that Christina is back from TBEX, she will pass on the new knowledge and experiences to the rest of Related’s team. 
- During the past years, we have coordinated and arranged several blogger trips for Scandinavian bloggers, and it is a service, which several of our clients are requesting. The travel industry is finally accepting bloggers on an equal footing with traditional media, and at Related, we will continue to stay updated on how this trend develops further through for example presence at conferences like TBEX, Henrik Koch ends.

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