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26 November 2010
Related launches English website
Related is doing more and more tasks for international clients - especially within the tourism and IT industries. Therefore it is also quite natural that we have just launched an English website on that focuses particularly on these two areas.

The launch of the new website is another step in our strategy towards an increased focus on the international markets, where we primarily work with clients within tourism, IT and technology.

- We are part of an international PR network and are increasing our number of international clients. It is therefore quite natural that we now also make ourselves visible to our international clients and partners, says Henrik Koch, CEO in Related.

Open communication with constant news flow
Both our Danish and English websites are built around news that are tagged and categorized by client, industry, competence and the employees involved. This way the user will hopefully meet a dynamic website that provides a personal and relevant user experience.

For example if you are interested in knowing something about our references and skills within the tourism industry, the page will display all the news related to the relevant branch. The same goes for our competences. If you want to see what we have to offer in an area like Public Relations, you will see a list of all the tasks we have solved in this discipline and you will have the possibility to look at the solutions that look most exciting or relevant to you.

- In our world it makes no sense to tell a lot about how good you are and what you want to do for your clients. It makes much more sense to show it by writing about the solutions and strategies we actually have made for existing clients. This will hopefully make our communication more trustworthy and honest, Henrik Koch elaborates.


About Related

Related is a modern PR agency that works goal-oriented on strengthening companies’ and organisations’ reputations and relations to their surroundings. We do this both on the platforms that you own as well as the platforms that you cannot control yourself.

We view PR from a broad perspective. We do not believe in being experts within all communication disciplines. But we believe in being specialists within PR and in thinking creatively and innovatively every single day. In fact, we believe this is the right and only way to go as a modern PR agency.

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