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May 1, 2014
Related publishes the largest Nordic image report on 89 destinations
English speaking destinations with breathtaking and raw nature is a favourite among the Nordic tourists. This is revealed in the largest Nordic image report on 89 outbound destinations.

Today, Related publishes the results of the largest Nordic image analysis that survey 89 destinations’ images among the Nordic travelers. All destinations are assessed on a number of parameters including image, attractiveness and awareness and the results are presented in total and distributed across age groups, segments – and the four Nordic countries. 

New Zealand has the best image
The analysis - which Related has conducted in cooperation with the noted research agency A&B Analyse - reveals that New Zealand is the destination with the best image among Nordic travelers, and England and Scotland come in 2nd and 3rd – all destinations with a raw and fascinating nature. Also remote destinations like the United States and Australia have a great image among the Nordic travelers. In addition to the breathtaking nature which the destinations have in common, all destinations are English speaking.
The Nordic travelers are independent
New Zealand’s UK & Europe Manager Danielle Genty-Nott is proud of the first place but she’s not surprised that the Nordic travelers like New Zealand:
-  Nordic tourists are attracted to high quality outdoor experiences in a mild climate. Walking and cycling for example are very popular. Nordic visitors are largely independent and like to drive around and explore on their own, making New Zealand an ideal destination, she says.
See the image report here
The image report is the result of a comprehensive survey conducted among more than 2,300 representatively chosen respondents over the age of 18 distributed reasonably even across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The data was collected in the period from February 19th to 27th, 2014.
The report is published in 11,200 copies – and is distributed with TTG Nordic.
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New report available 
During the data collection, we also made a comprehensive survey on the Nordic travelers’ travel habits, budgets, preferred destinations (countries and cities) together with behaviour and preferences in relation to booking and information seeking. The result is presented in a comprehensive report on 188 pages: ”TRAVEL BEHAVIOUR & DESTINATION IMAGES 2014 - The Nordic Outbound Travel Market”.
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This report (188 pages) exposes the Nordic travellers' outbound behaviour, including travel habits, spending and preferences in relation to holiday type, destination, accommodation, transportation and booking. Get your copy here!

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