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7. August 2013
Related welcomes three new colleagues on board
Hot and sunny weather has hit Denmark. For this reason, many people spend their days at the beaches, enjoying barbeques and ocean swims. At Related, some of our colleagues are still on holiday. Though we are not yet fully manned, our office hums with activity. We now welcome on board three new colleagues – Hanna, Sara and Kathrine.

Having been through a busy springtime, the summer holiday was warmly welcomed at Related. Our tourism department continues growing, and during spring we were able to add both Singapore and Ecuador to our list of clients, which means more bustle at the office.

Hanna Johansson:
At Related, we wish to strengthen our presence on the Swedish market. For this reason, we have hired Hanna, who has Sweden as her origin.  Being passionate about tourism, Hanna has spent part of her summer showing holiday guests around the city of Flensburg, in which she has lived for more than ten years.
Hanna has a Bachelor of Arts from the Southern University of Denmark and the University of Flensburg. Prior to joining Related, Hanna worked with marketing and PR in the hotel business and, additionally, she has professional experience within city branding.  
Due to her fluent Swedish and a valuable insight in her home country, Hanna has a vital part to play in strengthening the profile of our customers on the Swedish market.

Sara Haugaard:
Our tourism team will be further expanded, as our new intern, Sara, will join it as well. Sara is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Media Science at Southern University of Denmark, from where she also has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication, Spanish and Media. As part of her Bachelor’s degree, Sara spent a semester in Mexico, studying Mexican culture and communication. The climate in Denmark this summer has been almost comparable with the heat of Mexico and other exotic destinations, owing to which Sara has enjoyed her holiday on the beaches of the small Danish island, Læsø. Tanned and with her batteries recharged, Sara is now looking forward to getting immersed in an abundance of tourism communication. Being the new – and only – Spanish speaking colleague at Related, Sara will for certain come to make good use of her familiarity with the Spanish language during her internship.

Kathrine Graugaard:
Having spent countless summer nights in a nearby park, reading crime novels and eating barbequed marshmallows, our second new intern, Kathrine, is more than ready for the tasks awaiting her at Related. Kathrine is going to spend five months in our office, before pursuing her Master’s thesis within the field of Corporate Communication.
Kathrine carries with her experiences from different parts of the PR and communications fields. Before starting at Related, she worked half a year as a communication intern at Pressalit, one of the leading European manufacturers of toilet seats and specialised bathroom solutions for people with disabilities. Additionally, Kathrine is a dedicated PR volunteer at Danish Red Cross Youth, where she is responsible for all written PR activities.  At Related she will benefit from those experiences, where she will keep herself busy with technology client as well as clients from other lines of business.

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