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August 19, 2014
Speed dating in the Netherlands between 100 travel media and destinations
For the thirteenth successive year the “Meet the Dutch Travel Press” is held in Amsterdam in November. More than 100 representatives from different Dutch travel media are seeking to the same event to get inspired by the tourism destinations. At the same time the tourism destinations can promote their brand and product to the Dutch travel press.

As part of the global PR-network Travel Lifestyle Network Related has the opportunity to send tourism destinations to this exclusive event. The TLN-network is world leading in tourism trade. The organizer of the evens is one of our business partners from the network, Baltus Communications.
The tourism destinations at the event get the opportunity to promote their tourism destination to an extensive part of the Dutch travel press. A rich variety of travel media will be present - like eg. national and regional papers, travel trade publications, weekly and monthly magazines, freelance journalists, radio and TV programmes and bloggers.
The participating tourism destinations includes eg. online booking platforms, national and regional tourism boards, hotel chains, tourist attractions, airlines, railway and cruise companies and tour operators.


In the tourism industry it’s important to have your finger on the pulse because new initiatives, offers and destinations keep popping up. Communication has to be creative if one is to reach the tourists – not least of all because the industry as a whole is still struggling to regain its footing after the recession.

For many years, Related has focused particularly on the tourism industry, which means we today possess specialist knowledge within the area. We know the travel market and the tourists - and we know the appropriate channels. Our knowledge applies whenever new channels of communication need development, maintenance and development of national brands, positioning of destinations, tourism campaigns through on-/offline channels, B2B marketing to agents and airlines etc.

Our knowledge of the industry is great, and it is constantly evolving, because every day we work with a number of the travel industry’s national and international actors to ensure the effectiveness of their marketing- and communication effort.





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