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August 31, 2015
Ten new international partners in 2015
Since 2010, Related has been a part of the global PR-network Travel Lifestyle Network. The network connects communication and PR agencies from all over the world that specializes in tourism and lifestyle. As many as ten new members have now joined the network in 2015, which helps strengthen the local and global understanding of the industry.

In recent months, the global PR network, Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN), has become even bigger.Ten communication and PR agencies from all over the world have joined the global cooperation that connects agencies within the tourism and lifestyle industry, and Related, who has been part of the network since the early beginnings, is very pleased with the recent developments.   
- There is no doubt that our already strong industry network has become even stronger after ten competent agencies have joined TLN in 2015. It allows us - on behalf of our customers - to execute global strategies and activities through our international network, Henrik Koch, Managing Director in Related, explains. 
With the ten new members, the network now includes 21 agencies and covers more than 25 countries in the world. The members’ customers count everything from destinations, hotels, airlines, lifestyle brands and more. Among Related’s new partner agencies, you will find representatives from Indonesia, Canada, Spain and Malaysia among others.
An important cooperation across borders
Related’s collaboration with partner agencies from around the world is helping to create a local and global understanding of the industry that keeps up with the development. All members of TLN are communication specialists in their specific region. Because of the knowledge sharing within the TLN, it is possible for Related to offer its customers an even larger network of specialized knowledge within local markets around the world and strengthen the relationship of the customers who operates within the tourism and lifestyle category.
More information about Travel Lifestyle Network can be found at:
TLN also has its own Facebook page and Twitter profile where you can keep yourself updated on international tourism news and trends. 

The 21 members of Travel Lifestyle Network are:
  • Anne Wild and Associates (Australien)
  • Related (Skandinavien)
  • Groupexpression (TQC & Expression) (Frankrig)
  • KRPN Network GMBH (Tyskland)
  • PR & Go Up Communication Partners (Italien)
  • Dechmann Communication (Luxembourg)
  • Gretz Communications AG (Schweiz)
  • Baltus Communications (Holland)
  • Tourreps (Holland)
  • McCluskey International (Storbritannien)
  • Zapwater Communications Inc.
  • GHC Asia (Kina)
  • GEOMC (Sydkorea)
  • Travelreps (Polen)
  • Message in a Bottle (Portugal)
  • Fever Pitch Marketing Communication Inc. (Canada)
  • Agrakom PR (Indonesien)
  • HDF Representations (Israel)
  • Priority Communications (Malaysia)
  • Promotourist (Spanien)
  • LMS Consultancy (Rusland)

About Travel Lifestyle Network

Travel Lifestyle Network - formerly Tourism Trademark - is the world’s first PR network in the tourism and travel industry and is an international organisation of independent marketing and communications agencies focused especially on this industry.

The members of the network work across borders while the individual agencies maintain their independence and local specialization.

As such the network means that clients get both local knowledge and an international presence. Each agency heads the market in its region and is specialized in tourism communication.

The agencies in the network work with everything from branding, public relations and trade connections to crisis management, event management and advertising.

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