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10. December 2012
The December issue of Related's Tourism Newsletter is out
Every third month, Related distributes a Tourism Newsletter, and the December issue is now available.

The Tourism Newsletter is considered a service to all of our tourism clients and partners, containing relevant news and tendencies regarding tourism in the Nordic countries.

In this issue, the desire among Danes to travel during Christmas and SAS’ opening of 30 new routes are among the topics.


Tendency: Danes dream about spending Christmas abroad
A survey conducted by shows that 49 percent of the Danes dream about spending the Christmas holiday, or some of it, abroad. It is primarily the possibility of experiencing a warmer climate that tempts the Danes.

This year, the Christmas holiday favors the wage-earners, as it is possible to travel for an extended period without spending many extra days’ holiday.

37 percent would like to avoid the stress connected to Christmas in Denmark, 34 percent want to travel away to spend quality time with their family, while only 10 percent dream about skiing during the Christmas holiday.

It is primarily the younger segment of the population that dream about an untraditional Christmas. 48 percent under the age of 30 would like to spend Christmas in another country, while that number is 27 percent among people over 60.


News: The Nordic tourist sector grows and increases focus on local environments
In recent years, the Nordic tourist sector has reached an average growth of 4 percent. That number is higher than most other sectors, and research shows that the tourism sector will continue its growth in the coming years.

A new Nordic report concludes that based on the growth rate, the tourist sector needs to increase its focus on how the local environments are affected by tourism.

Maria Gunnleivsdóttir Hansen, chairwoman of The Small Community Group, points out that the demand for minimizing the negative effects tourism may have on the local environments in the Nordic countries needs to be a point of focus in the future.

As a result, Environice has arranged a workshop in Stockholm op discuss the possibility of developing a certificate for sustainable tourist destinations.


Tendency: Danes world champions in taking holidays
In average, Danes receive 25 days of holiday a year from their employer, reveals a new report from Expedia. In perspective, 40 percent of the Japanese only take between 1 and 10 days off a year.

58 percent of the Danes prefer to take one long holiday during the summer and organize the existing days’ holiday into shorter periods during the rest of the year.

The report also shows that a very high percentage of Norwegians (86 percent) and Swedes (84 percent) experience full understanding from their employer when taking time off work. Among Danes, that number is noticeably lower at 56 percent.


Tendency: Increase in use of smart phones and smart televisions affects the travel industry
At the Travel Trend Market recent held in London, one of the new travel trends discussed was how the extended use of smart phones and smart televisions provide new opportunities for operators in the travel industry.

People have also started to use the new technologies to help cover their travel needs. The travel industry may for instance utilize this trend by creating apps that makes it possible for the consumer to plan and book their next holiday directly from their phone or television.


News: SAS reaches agreement with employees and introduces 30 new routes
In order to secure the continuing existence of the Nordic airline company, SAS has reached a new agreement with its employees, who in the future have to work more hours.

The agreement with the employees has already resulted in a new strategic initiative from the airline. 45 new routes will open in 2013 – 10 from Denmark, 11 from Sweden, 17 from Norway and 7 from Finland.

Among the new routes are seasonal flights to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern Europe like Palermo in Italy and Pula in Croatia.


News: SAS looking towards the leisure market
The business community travels less and that tendency has made SAS renew their strategy, as the company plans to increase its focus on the leisure market in the future.

Group managing director in SAS with special focus on the Danish market, Flemming Jensen, explains that the growth opportunities are at the leisure market. He also notes that companies more rarely book business class tickets for employees. Instead, they are looking to save expenses on plane tickets.

With the new increased focus on the leisure market, SAS will be competing extensively with low-cost companies for customers.

And the low-cost companies are doing well. European Low Fares Airline Association that includes companies like Ryanair, Easyjet and Norwegian reports a 5.6 percent growth in passengers between July 2011 and June 2012.

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