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January 28, 2014
The January Issue of Related's Tourism Newsletter is out
Every third month, Related distributes a Tourism Newsletter, and the January issue is now available.

The Tourism Newsletter is considered a service to all of our tourism clients and partners, containing relevant news and tendencies regarding tourism in the Nordic countries.
In this issue, a tempered growth for European tourism and the fact that Sweden set for fastest-growing economy in the Nordic countries are among the topics.

News: Stockholm’s biggest travel fair

The senior fair in Älvsjö has grown to become the biggest travel fair in Stockholm. In 2013 there were 35 travel operators and 14 national tourist councils. At the fair there were representatives from Estonia, Thailand and everything in between. Because of the growing interest in travels almost a third of the exhibitors were travel companies. In 2012 there were 10.200 visiting seniors at this fair.

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News: Swedish travel industry report an increase in Christmas travels
The Swedish tour operators Apollo, Fritidsreisor and Ving all report an increase in Christmas travel bookings, compared to last year. The number of bookings has increased from five to ten per cent – and eight out of ten trips are booked, writes Dagens Nyheter, a national newspaper in Sweden.

The most popular Christmas and New Year’s destinations based on booking:
1. Tobago
2. Dominican Republic
3. Thailand
4. Lanzarote
5. Dubai

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Tendency: Norwegians have a lot to spend
A new survey conducted by shows that Norway scores second highest in how much people are willing to pay for a hotel room. Switzerland rates highest with 122,87 euro while Norwegian people are willing to pay 120,11 euro per night.

Last year Norway was only number five on this list which shows that the wealth in Norway is increasing and Norway is now one of the richest countries in the world. Therefore Norwegian people have a lot to spend when they go travelling.

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Tendency: Norwegians prefer to plan their travel themselves
Flight tickets are getting cheaper which means that charter agencies are getting competition. A survey made in Norway shows that 60 % of the Norwegians prefer to plan their trip themselves. Out of the 40 % that still prefer charter, 22 % do that because it is convenient. 33 % of the people preferring to plan on their own argue that it is more flexible when you decide the length, travel dates and destination yourself. For example is it possible to leave for one destination and flight home from another. In addition, 18 % think it is cheaper to plan your travel yourself and 24 % believe that you will experience more in this way.

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Tendency: A new generation of travel is born
More and more children in Europe are being given the opportunity to travel before they have even finished primary school.

A new report released by EasyJet reveals that two thirds (67%) of European children have travelled abroad by plane by the age of 10.

- The fact that the flight traffic has changed in the last 18 years has also changed our habits. It seems as though a new generation of travel connoisseurs are on the rise. More and more children are becoming seasoned travellers and more worldly than ever before, thanks to affordable flying, says Peter York, cultural commentator.

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Tendency: Danes’ increasing need for connected holiday experiences
The Danes love being online – so much – that they want to stay connected throughout their holidays. Now Thomas Cook Airlines has addressed this need with the launching of SunConnect, which is the concept of family hotels for those who want to be online while on vacation. It is the first sun and beach holiday experience to use digital technology including a user-friendly website, free wireless internet throughout the resort-site, and the ability to browse and book daily activities through smartphones and tablets.

A study shows that more than 60% update their social media every day during the holidays. More and more people want to be online and SunConnect addresses this increasing need for connected holiday experiences,"says Carlos Cebrian, Product Manager at Spies.

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