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18. June 2013
The June issue of Related's Tourism Newsletter is out
Every third month, Related distributes a Tourism Newsletter, and the June issue is now available.

The Tourism Newsletter is considered a service to all of our tourism clients and partners, containing relevant news and tendencies regarding tourism in the Nordic countries.

In this issue, the increased hotel prices in Asia and the fact that the Danes spend more on holiday compared to last year are among the topics.


Tendency: Holiday budget has increased compared to last year
A study conducted by the Scandinavian bank, Nordea, shows that the Danes are again starting to spend more money on holiday. This year, they will spend on average 12,650 dkk per household on the summer holiday which is a little more than last year.

Last year, 55 percent of all households assessed that the holiday could be held for less than 10,000dkk. This year, that figure had dropped to 48 percent.

Consumer economist, Ann Lehmann Erichsen from Nordea, believes that the holiday budget hit rock bottom last year and that the Danes will now start to spend more.

Still, after the crisis, people have in general become more hesitant when it comes to spending money.

- Although a holiday is a lovely thing, it's also a luxury that you can pick and choose. You can easily have a good holiday, even if it doesn’t mean spending three weeks in the U.S., says Ann Lehmann Erichsen.

- We have simultaneously become much better at using good online deals and cheap airline tickets, she adds.

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News: Holiday in Asia has become more expensive for the Danes
The hotel prices in Asian city destinations have increased by up to 30 percent.

Many Danes are attracted by warm weather, good food and reasonable prices, which is just what the Asian travel destinations often guarantee to deliver. But when you look closely at the hotel prices in many of the Asian destinations, they indicate that low prices are something that belongs to the past.

The hotel prices rose namely from 2011 to 2012, shows the latest Hotel Price Index by

The hotel prices have increased the most in Seoul but also holiday favorites like Bali and Phuket have seen an increase. In Bali, the average price increased by 14 percent while prices in Phuket have increased by 11 percent.

Although prices are rising, it is, however, still generally affordable to holiday in Asia.
News: This is the most popular kind of holiday
The Danes are in no hurry to get home from their summer holiday this year. Eight out of 10 Danes thus take off for more than seven days in the summer and 61 percent of us are planning holidays abroad with a charter agency.

This is showed by a nationwide survey about the Danes’ holiday plans, conducted by the Danish travel agency, Apollo. Almost 1,200 people of all ages have been asked.

Compared to last year’s figures, the traditional package holiday with sun and beach is the travel form that has raised the most. This comes undoubtedly as a result of the last two summers’ cold weather.

32 percent are planning a city break, while 19 percent are doing a round trip where more countries and cities are visited on the same trip.  
News: The Danes love theme travels 
Broaden your horizon, immerse yourself, and learn something new. Holidays with a purpose are a trend that many people follow when they take a well-deserved break from the job. This year every second Dane is planning to go on a trip with a special theme. Especially cultural tourism, active holidays, and wellness are popular this year. This is indicated by a study conducted by DFDS Seaways.

In short, the unique experiences are appealing to the Danes when they travel. They would like to learn something new, while they are on holiday.

Ana Maria Munar, tourism researcher at CBS, believes that the theme travels have become popular because the Danes will not only settle for package holidays with the sunny weather and the beach as the only content.

- We have become more experienced travellers than when the charter holidays emerged in the 60s. In addition, our personal interests come to the fore when we choose vacation today. More and more people also want to arrange their holiday on their own instead of buying a package holiday.
Source: Jyllandsposten, Explorer

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