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11. March 2013
The March issue of Related's Tourism Newsletter is out
Every third month, Related distributes a Tourism Newsletter, and the March issue is now available.

The Tourism Newsletter is considered a service to all of our tourism clients and partners, containing relevant news and tendencies regarding tourism in the Nordic countries.

In this issue, the future travel habits of the Danes and the travel fair in Herning are among the topics.

Tendency: How will we travel in 2057?
Some people know how a charter trip was put together in 1967. Most people know what the trips look like today. But how will we travel in 2057? The question has been asked by the Danish travel agency Falk Lauritsen, who has just been elected as the best charter agency in Denmark. The survey was conducted on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the travel agency.

Around 1.000 Facebook users participated in the survey, which focuses on everything from ticketing to flight safety and future destinations.

In the beginning we went to Spain. Then Greece, Turkey and later on Thailand came along, but where will we be travelling in 45 years? 15% of the participants expect that the same destinations as today will be popular, and 20% believe that the Caribbean destinations will attract lots of tourists, while long-haul destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia are evenly distributed.

9 out of 10 are convinced that the Danes will travel even more than today, 2 out of 3 believe that there will be special departments with no children on all charter flights, and 53% believe that it will be possible to fly from Copenhagen to Mallorca on autopilot. 22% of the participants assume that the stewardess is replaced by a robot in 2057.

- Although the study is not scientifically based, it is exciting to see what the Danes believe will happen. Input about destinations can be used in our long-term planning. We listen carefully to what our customers tell us so we can offer what the market demands, says Soren Falk Lauritsen.


News: More than 60,000 visitors at the travel fair in Herning, Denmark 
For the fourth consecutive year the travel fair, “Ferie for Alle”, had more than 60,000 visitors; this year 63,840 passed through the doors, which is a slight decrease compared to last year.

Scandinavia's largest travel fair was held during the weekend the 22-24th of February - and the organizers are also satisfied this year. "It was the third year in a row with over 1,000 exhibitors - and the fourth year in a row with over 60,000 visitors," says project manager Anders Ladefoged Mortensen.

The fair was kicked off by a big event Friday morning, where the two Danish Travel Journalists prizes - the Mermaid Award and the Travel Journalist of the Year – were awarded.

- It has been a fantastic weekend. The Danish wanderlust was reflected once again reflected during the fair. There has been a very good atmosphere among both visitors and not least among the exhibitors, which again this year had a great sale, says Anders Ladefoged Mortensen.

“Ferie for Alle” runs again next year the 21-23th of February.

Tendency: The Danes chose luxury on their vacation
When the Danes book their summer holidays with the Danish travel agency Spies, they want to stay well.

- In 2006 - before the financial crisis - it was only 31% of our guests who booked a hotel with four or five stars. In 2012, the percentage has increased to 52%, while only 4.4% booked a room in a hotel with only two stars. Six years ago it was 11.2%, says communications director Torben Andersen from Spies.

The Danes buy most luxury in Egypt where 82% of the booked rooms are in category 4 or 5. On the Top 5 destinations measured by the most sold luxury rooms we also find Cancun, Cyprus, Mallorca and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Tendency: The Swedes travel more than ever
Despite a year of an uncertain economy, the Swedes travel more than they did before. This is due to the rainy summer and how Christmas fell. The travel agency Ticket has presented the figures for the number of holidays sold in 2012, and they show an increase of about 15% compared to 2011.

The Turkish coasts around Antalya were the most popular destinations for Swedes, followed by Gran Canaria, which was the big winner for the Christmas holiday. On the third place came Mallorca that saw an increase of 8 %, followed by Tenerife with a 7 % increase. 

When it comes to cities, Berlin as become very popular – the city has been visited by 80 % more Swedes in the recent year.


Tendency: Seniors are active travelers
The Danish seniors love to travel, and they leave Denmark both during the summer and winter period in order to enjoy the warmer weather in the south. From 2000 to 2010, the seniors’ travel consumption has increased with 55 %.

Every year, thousands of middle-aged Danes enjoy the beaches of Crete, Gran Canaria and Turkey, and they even do it more often than before. Over the past ten years, the travel agencies have seen a marked increase in travel activities for Danish seniors.

The trend is easy to track for the travel companies, who clearly feel a difference between seniors' travel activities now, compared to 10 years ago.

- We feel that seniors are traveling much more than before. First, they have become even more mobile than before; and secondly, there are many who have saved up some money through work, which makes it possible for seniors to travel a lot, says Rikke Koks Andreassen, communications director at Apollo travel agency in Denmark.

Source: Jyllands-Posten
News: Norwegians on working holiday in Canada
The travelers of 2013 are looking for authentic experiences and would like to immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are visiting. That is indicated by a survey conducted by TTG-Travel Trade Gazette Nordic. Kilroy Travel has the same experience: Young, active Norwegians are constantly seeking new adventures. An example of that is "Working Holiday" in several countries, including Canada.

- We note that many of our customers are looking to combine travel and adventure with paid work, and we think it's really exciting to be able to offer this in Canada, says Flavia Forster, CEO of the travel agency Kilroy.

Working Holiday in Canada is an exciting opportunity for young skiers who dream of spending the winter season at a popular ski resort in Canada. Tens of thousands of young people from around the world leave each year for Canada to participate in the skiing season.

Working Holiday Club offers a variety of job opportunities in stores, ski rentals, ski schools and restaurants. All jobs include training and offer good benefits such as residence, employee discounts, free lift tickets and invitations to numerous social events and parties.


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