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October 28, 2013
The October issue of Related's Tourism Newsletter is out
Every third month, Related distributes a Tourism Newsletter, and the October issue is now available.

The Tourism Newsletter is considered a service to all of our tourism clients and partners, containing relevant news and tendencies regarding tourism in the Nordic countries.
In this issue, a tempered growth for European tourism and the fact that Sweden set for fastest-growing economy in the Nordic countries are among the topics.
News: Tempered growth for European tourism
Data indicate a tempered growth for European tourism, with most destinations reporting positive growth in the March-June period, the European Travel Commission (ETC) announced in their report entitled "European Tourism 2013 - Trends & Prospects". 
The report points on the emergence of smaller destinations: Iceland and Slovakia stage the strongest performance with an increase of foreign arrivals of 30 percent and 20 percent respectively. Latvia and Croatia follow with a growth around 9 percent, Hungary and Poland with a growth of 7 percent.
Overall data point on a positive picture for outbound travel from intra-European markets. After a few years of weak demand, most destinations report growth from the French and UK markets. Outbound travel from Germany remains solid, though last year’s bright performance makes current growth rates look modest.
Tendency: 62% of the Swedes book the trip themselves
The Swedes do not use travel agencies in their quest to design dream holidays on a budget.  These figures stem from the latest study into travel trends commissioned by the Tradedoubler.
The research reveals insights into the complex purchase journey that travelers embark on as they research and book destinations, flights, hotels and package holidays – all with an eye on the best possible deal.
Here it is indicated that 62% of the Swedes choose to put their own itinerary together, booking flights and hotels separately. 
News: Sweden set for fastest-growing economy in the Nordic countries
The Swedish economy will outpace growth rates in Norway, Denmark and Finland in the coming years, according to a report from SEB (Scandinavian Private Bank) and Swedbank (Nordic-Baltic banking group). 
After a substantial downturn, we are expecting to see increasing growth in coming years, both in Sweden and abroad. 
In the Nordic countries, Sweden is expected to take the lead with household consumption as the main driving force. The average of the forecasts is subject to a GDP growth at 1.4 percent this year, 2.9 percent next year and 3.0 percent in 2015. 
In addition, Finland’s economy is expected to shrink this year by 0.4 percent. And the Danish growth force remained weak in early 2013 and GDP decreased slightly in the first quarter. However, SEB and Swedbank believe that growth will recover during the rest of 2013.
Tendency: Sweden – travel trends
The Swedes went on 17.8 million holiday trips last year. In addition to day trips, foreign travels reached a total of 13 million. 
The typical Swedish holidaymaker travels with his partner to Spain, chooses plane over car, is away for 9 days and spend 7.800 SEK/per person.
Tendency: Social media is our new photo album
It may be that the holidays are over, but pictures of tanned legs on the beach still emerge on our social media news. 
A recent study carried out by shows that Scandinavians love to share their vacation experiences on social media and practice it on a large scale. However, they tend to worry about the mobile data costs, which is the reason why most Scandinavians prefer posting the pictures after they return home from their holidays.
News: Tourism Flows Outbound in Finland 
Outbound tourist flows grew by 3 percent to reach six million trips in 2012. This was a weaker growth than was seen in the previous year, when it reached a 10 percent growth. The outbound flows, however, followed similar pattern as in the previous year: the beginning of the year was strong but towards the end of the year the growth moderated.
There was an exceptionally high demand for holidays during the summer months, as the summer weather was unusually bad and holidaymakers turned to international destinations such as the Mediterranean to make up for the cold season in Finland.

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