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May 27, 2014
Travel Behaviour & Destination Images 2014 is finally here
The comprehensive analysis of the Nordic travelers’ travel habits has finally returned from print. Travel Behaviour & Destination Images 2014 exposes on 188 pages the Nordic travelers’ preferences, travel habits and behaviour. Read about when travelers aged 50+ travel most and whether the Norwegian travelers prefer all inclusive or not.

These days, we are celebrating at the office. The comprehensive report which Related has been working concentrated on during the last months has finally returned from the printing house. The report is a result of the so far most comprehensive analysis of the Nordic travelers’ outbound travel habits and behaviour and the 188 pages are filled with interesting and surprising information.

Read about how the segment with the greatest travel budget also is the most price sensitive and learn about when travelers above 50 travel most, which factor is most important to families with children and whether Danish travelers prefer all inclusive or to ensure their dining themselves.
Travel Behaviour & Destination Images 2014 is filled with useful and interesting facts for everyone working with tourism.
Comprehensive report
The data behind the report is based on a new survey made by Related and conducted by noted research agency A&B Analyse. 2,300 Nordic selected representative respondents in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have answered more than 100 questions about their travel behaviour, how they book their trip, where they would like to go and which facilities they find important.
The result is 188 pages filled with information about the Nordic travelers. The results are of course exposed for both the average Nordic traveler and for all four nationalities. At the same time, the results are sorted on respectively segments and age groups.
Get your own copy of Travel Behaviour & Destination Images 2014 here – and while waiting for the postman, check out our image analysis Travel Image 2014 which rates 89 destinations on a number of parameters for free here.

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This report (188 pages) exposes the Nordic travellers' outbound behaviour, including travel habits, spending and preferences in relation to holiday type, destination, accommodation, transportation and booking. Get your copy here!

Travel Image

Which destinations have the best image among the Nordic Tourists. Where do the families prefer to go? And what about the Swedes? Get your answers here!

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