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March 23, 2015
Travel Image 2015 is Here - Ranking 101 Outbound Destinations
Spain is the destination with the best image in the Nordic countries in 2015, climbing seven places from last year’s report. USA and Scotland are ranked second and third, while London is the most popular destination for city breaks among the Nordic travellers.

Related’s new survey Travel Image 2015 shows that Spain is the favourite destination among Nordic travellers. Last year, Spain was ranked number eight in Travel Image 2014, which means that the destination have managed to climb seven places since last year, taking over the golden throne from last year’s winner, New Zealand.

Octavio González Manteca, Director at the Spanish Toruist Board, explains: 
“This is a result of a process that has taken place over several years. We have seen a strong growth in offers and demand for trips to Spain. The number of direct flights has increased significantly as well as the variety of destinations within our country”. 
The Nordic respondents also got the chance to rank their favorite cities. The result shows that London is the most popular city followed by New York and Paris. 
The report reveals that around 70 percent of the Nordic travellers are planning to spend the same amount of money or more on travels in 2015 compared to 2014. 
The Second Edition of Travel Image 
The first edition of Travel Image was launched in 2014, mapping the attitude towards travelling from the perspective of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish travellers. 
This year, the survey was done again to see the development. The report is therefore based on new interviews with more than 2,200 selected representative respondents about their experience with or attitude towards 101 destinations in the world. 
13 New Members of Our Fine Club 
This year we have added 13 new destinations to our list. This is partially because things in the industry have changed, and also because we, since last year, have been overwhelmed by feedback from the destinations that were not featured on our list.  The calculation methods are the same this year as they were last year, which makes the numbers between 2014 and 2015 absolutely compatible.
New Information and Much More Data
This year we have additionally chosen to include a number of charts that indicate the travel habits of the Nordic travellers. These charts will tell you where they have been, what their impressions of the destinations are and which destinations are doing well and which are doing poorly.
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