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21. June 2012
TTM: Summit and football
This year, Related was responsible for gathering and entertaining our colleagues from around the world when we met at the annual Tourism Trademark Summit in Copenhagen. It was a great success with Euro 2012 football, exchange of experiences, a Chinese president and a highly lit Tivoli.

Even though you come from very different places of the world, agreeing on things can be easy. In Tourism Trademark, we strongly agree on the fact that we can learn from each other - that is why we meet as often as possible to share experiences, have a look at new potential customers and strengthen our network.

Marketing and Danish Dynamite
One thing we do not agree upon, though, is who should win the European Championship in football. Nevertheless, the support for the Danish national team was huge – our colleague David from Chicago has followed the Euro closely back home and was looking forward to cheering on the boys in red and white.

Putting minor football disagreements aside; this year, there was one primary focus point on which we could all easily agree. So far, we have mostly made use of the network internally i.e. exchanging experiences and exploring new market areas in the community. This year, we looked into the opportunities of external marketing.

In other words, how can we ensure that our tourism customers are constantly made aware of us? And how can we use the TTM network as a proactive means of marketing ourselves as PR agencies?

Get behind the President
This subject was discussed a lot, but fortunately we also found time to show our visitors the beautiful capital city of Denmark. We did this in a guided bus on the heels of the Chinese president, who was also in town these days – and who went to see some of the same attractions as we did.

Dinner was enjoyed at the restaurant “Grøften” in Tivoli where we enjoyed hearing about our visitors’ many different perceptions of the historical amusement park, ranging from “Disneyland” to “an artificial inferno of light”. Generally speaking, our friends from abroad liked Copenhagen very much. They were particularly impressed by the large number of cyclists as well as the "alternative society of Christiania".

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Travel Lifestyle Network - formerly Tourism Trademark - is the world’s first PR network in the tourism and travel industry and is an international organisation of independent marketing and communications agencies focused especially on this industry.

The members of the network work across borders while the individual agencies maintain their independence and local specialization.

As such the network means that clients get both local knowledge and an international presence. Each agency heads the market in its region and is specialized in tourism communication.

The agencies in the network work with everything from branding, public relations and trade connections to crisis management, event management and advertising.

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