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6. May 2013
Related new Nordic PR agency for ADATA Technology
The Taiwanese IT company ADATA Technology is facing a Nordic expansion, and the memory giant has teamed up with Related in order to strengthen its position on the Nordic market.

Taiwanese ADATA Technology is a leading manufacturer of memory solutions such as camera cards, USB drives, solid state disks and mobile hard drives.

ADATA now wishes to expand their presence on the Nordic markets. In order to achieve this, the memory giant has teamed up with Related, which will manage the company’s PR efforts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This will happen through a close dialogue with the European headquarters.

- Related helps us by acting as the liaison between our global marketing and PR effort and the local target groups, excelling by understanding computer hardware at a highly technical level and thus supporting us optimally, says Alex Ruedinger, Marketing Manager at ADATA. He continues:
- Related are solid people, who are genuinely enthusiastic on behalf of ADATA. We believe that entrusting Related with our pan-Nordic PR responsibility will help us realize our ambitions for Nordic business growth, and we look forward to the cooperation, he concludes.

Related will act the Nordic press office for the Taiwanese IT company and will handle requests from the Nordic press. The specific activities include news reporting, product testing, etc. Everything anchored in Related’s exhaustive technology understanding and year-long experience with managing PR efforts in the Nordics.

About ADATA Technology

ADATA Technology provides memory solutions; including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

The company, which was founded in 2001, is headquartered in Taiwan and has offices in eight other countries.

ADATA is a leader in its field and has won awards for its product designs.


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