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March 18, 2014
Related chosen as Finnish PR agency for BenQ
Related is pleased to inform that BenQ has chosen Related to further strengthen its brand awareness in Finland. The expansion happens based on a successful public relations effort in Denmark, which BenQ and Related have cooperated on since 2013.

Related has been PR partner of choice for the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer BenQ since 2013, proactively working towards strengthening its brand reputation in Denmark.
Stefan Dahlqvist, Managing Director at BenQ Nordic, expresses satisfaction with the cooperation thus far and looks at the year ahead, where the PR effort will be expanded geographically to also include Finland:
- Related is one of the leading PR and communications agencies within the technology industry in the Nordic countries, and they have been a competent sparring partner for us. Throughout 2013, Related has demonstrated their ability to engage Danish stakeholders and strengthen our brand. This has paved the way for getting even better results from our sales and marketing, he says and continues:
- It is not just about increasing product and brand awareness through reviews and product or tech news, but equally about being able to contribute to the public debate by focusing on, for instance, PC usage causing tired eyes and even headache. This is a field where we believe our solutions and technologies can make a difference for people. With a rewarding 2013 behind us, we consider it the natural next step to expand the cooperation to also cover Finland.
Fostering positive brand conversations
On a concrete level, Related plans and executes PR activities embracing everything from product launches to reviews with media, writing whitepapers about BenQ technologies, guides for consumers and business on topics such as interacting with computers in a more ergonomic way and advantages of multi-monitor setups vis-à-vis productivity, conducting press events, and more. 
Additionally, we are cooperating with some of the biggest YouTube channels and online communities in order to foster positive conversations around brand and products.
Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen, Account Manager and Head of Tech at Related, welcomes BenQ onboard in Finland:
- We are very pleased with the opportunity to represent BenQ in Finland. With a powerful brand and convincing products highly valued by businesses and consumers, BenQ is a desirable partner for us. We look forward to increasing BenQ’s brand awareness in Finland, and we will strive very hard to make sure that BenQ reaches at least the same level of brand awareness as the company has in e.g. Sweden and Denmark. 
Overall, the existing PR effort has helped BenQ increase the growth of its business, and the expanded cooperation will aim at harnessing the same potential in Finland. 

About BenQ

BenQ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of monitors and projectors. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, BenQ has offices in a number of the most important markets worldwide.

Highly experienced within product design, BenQ offers a broad portfolio of products spanning projectors, LCD displays, notebooks, netbook, digital cameras and mobile devices.


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