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March 31, 2016
Californian audio brand focuses on the Nordic market
Related has recently added Blue Microphones to their customer portfolio. Blue is especially known for their professional studio microphones and USB mics that allow for home audio recording in studio quality, and today the brand is also using their audio expertise to develop exclusive high-end headphones for the discerning listeners. And now Related has been chosen to help introduce the products in the Nordic via an extensive PR effort.

Our tech department is facing a busy spring as yet another big tech brand has been added to the portfolio: The Californian based audio brand Blue Microphones.

Blue has several years of experience within professional studio microphones and were amongst the first to develop USB mics, allowing people to record studio quality audio in their own homes. Home studios got very popular around the millennium and since then the need for recording high quality audio from one’s home computer has grown steadily, accelerated by the development in user generated media such as blogs and YouTube.

As a natural expansion of the microphone adventure, Blue has within recent years also started applying their expertise within microphones to develop exclusive high-end headphones. It is the company’s B2B oriented product line spanning the USB mics and headphones that Related is now going to help positioning in the Nordics.

Complementing our existing client portfolio
Related will handle all PR activities for Blue in Finland and Scandinavia. The tasks include social media engagement, press releases, coordination of product tests and competitions as well as daily dialogue with journalists, media and influencers.

- Blue complements our existing client portfolio very well and we are very excited to add yet another cool tech brand to our portfolio. The USB mics fit perfectly into today’s media culture where bloggers, YouTubers and other social media influencers are continuously increasingly foothold in the media landscape – and the most ambitious of them demand professional and easy-to-use devices, says Henrik Koch, CEO at Related.

About Blue

Blue was founded in California in 1995 with a desire to provide people who love high quality sound with the world’s best microphones. Building on years of experience with repairing classic microphones Blue quickly became famous for their studio microphones. At the turn of the millennium, Blue introduced USB mics and spawned the next revolution of the recording industry. Today users all over the world prefer Blue microphones when recording music, video audio or podcasts, and the portfolio today also includes exclusive high-end headphones.



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