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27. February 2012
PR Strategy: The Tremendous Growth of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing ranks highly on the technology priority list of both Danish and international companies. Related has developed a PR foundation and strategy for the Danish Cloud Computing integrator, Cloud ITeration, with the purpose of aiding corporate decision-makers in understanding the potential of outsourcing their company’s IT infrastructure.

The newly established Cloud ITeration is experiencing a business boom.

- Everyone has an opinion to share concerning Cloud Computing – both good and bad. So we are doing this partly to define and sharpen our own identity, partly to concretise Cloud Computing as such, says Tommy Hvid, CEO at Cloud ITeration.

With Cloud Computing, the customer attains pay-per-usage flexibility and scalability. Customers achieve an IT delivery model capable of making adjustments relative to an unpredictable, volatile economy. But the message won’t reach the decision makers by itself.

Cloud ITeration was in need of a PR partner capable of delivering the foundation for a PR strategy as well as defining and executing the company’s future internal and external communication.

- We chose Related as our business partner because we needed market leading expertise to strengthen and align our marketing activities while pointing us in a more strategic direction, says Tommy Hvid.

Strategic PR Partner
The strategic work began with a two-day workshop, during which Related received a huge amount of input, wishes, needs, information, and demands. Based on this, Related organised the input and structured all the different messages. It was crucial that the strategy was used as the foundation for all of Cloud ITeration’s external and internal communication, securing a common thread and unmistakable identity across all levels and platforms.

Upon the client’s approval of the proposed strategy, Related commenced with a redesign of the corporate website while also delivering a notable expansion of wesite's content. The strategy impacts all elements ranging from visual expressions to structure and website content.

- We never wanted to compromise on our ambitions, the quality, or deadlines for this project, so the entire process has been under time pressure from the beginning. But dedicated and professional performance from both sides have helped us get to where we wanted, and we now have a foundation, which we can use as a platform for all future marketing initiatives, concludes Tommy Hvid. 

About Cloud ITeration

Cloud ITeration provides scalable, cost-effective, and high-performance IT solutions. With Cloud Computing, consumers only pay for what they need, when they need it. Rather than having to invest in cumbersome and expensive equipment, IT is transformed into a commodity that can be turned on and used as needed.

Cloud ITeration works with a number of the industry’s leading providers such as Amazon, Radix Technologies, Googles, and Salesforce. No matter the scale and complexity, Cloud ITeration provides Cloud Computing technologies to financial institutions, public institutions, enterprises, medium businesses, and startups. 

Cloud ITeration was founded in 2011 by Tommy Hvid and is headquartered in Herning, Denmark, with branches in Copenhagen and Madrid.


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