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23. August 2011
Doro launches into digital communication
For several years, Related has worked on profiling Doro in Denmark. The latest initiative is a Danish Facebook-page that will help to establish dialogue between the Swedish telephone company and its Danish customers as wells as create loyal ambassadors.

Doro is a Swedish mobile phone manufacturer that develops telecommunication products designed especially for the growing number of seniors in society. More and more seniors, and not least their relatives, are finding their way onto Facebook, which makes this an appropriate social media for Doro to make their presence known. The Danish Facebook-page is yet another national page in the long line of Doro Facebook-pages that are also available in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and England/Ireland.

On the Danish page, users, who are interested, can find good advice and guides on how to send text and MMS messages. It is also possible for users to provide ideas on functions and the design of future telephones. At the same time, the page is a good place for dialogue where questions will be answered quickly, in Danish. Because all the questions and answers are posted on the wall, others can also benefit from them. Likewise, the page will be used to publicise tests of Doro’s phones and competitions in various Danish Medias where they are a popular prize.

Greater visibility online
Relatives of seniors are also an important target group for Doro. Many seniors are cautious with new technology, and in many instances, it is their children or grandchildren that encourage them to get a mobile phone. Therefore, the Facebook-page is not only for seniors, but also a way for Doro to be present on a platform where many of the younger age groups are active.

At the same time, the social media presence helps to give Doro a better position within search engines, such as, Google, which is typically one of the first places that younger relatives look for a mobile phone for their elderly family members.


About Doro

The Swedish company Doro focuses on developing, marketing and selling telephone products designed especially for the globally growing market of seniors. The company is especially well-known for producing mobile phones with large keypads.

Doro has more than 38 years of experience in telephone production and the products are sold in more than 30 countries on five continents. This makes Doro the leading brand in user friendly and simple mobile phones.


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