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May 28, 2015
New Doro campaign attracts seniors to Spotify
Swedish Doro, a global market leader within mobile phones for seniors, has just launched their big summer campaign, which aims to inspire seniors getting started with modern technology like apps and streaming services. As Doro’s Danish PR agency, Related will assist in creating awareness about the campaign’s messages through a targeted press effort and Facebook.

Apps, downloads and streaming services can be a jungle to navigate for some seniors, who have not grown up with smartphones and internet. As the seniors’ preferred brand within elder friendly mobile devices, Doro now launches a campaign, which aims to make music and modern technology easily available for the seniors.

Together with the seniors, Doro will create the ultimate playlist dubbed “Senior hits” on Spotify, including their favorite hits throughout the years. More than providing seniors with a great playlist,  Doro wants to show the elderly how to listen to one’s favorite music or audiobooks on a smartphone or computer, thereby helping them getting started with the many possibilities of modern technology.
- The Senior hits campaign message is very topical; we are riding a digital wave, which seniors can ride too – they might just need a bit of guidance and that’s what we hope this campaign will provide, says Trine Abild, strategic director in Related and responsible for coordinating Related’s efforts in this campaign.
Facebook and media coverage
The campaign includes different elements that will be activated through owned, paid and earned media; that is the platforms controlled by Doro such as website, Facebook, and advertising in both printed and online media, and also the platforms where editorial coverage is something you must earn. 
As PR agency for Doro in Denmark through more than 10 years, Related handles Doro’s Danish press effort and Facebook page. Therefore, we will roll out the campaign through these channels. 
The effort includes copywriting of press releases about Senior hits, dialogue with journalists and Facebook content and updates.
The creation of the Senior hits playlist runs until end of June, but the list can already be found on Spotify here.
Find the Danish campaign site for Senior hits here.

About Doro

The Swedish company Doro focuses on developing, marketing and selling telephone products designed especially for the globally growing market of seniors. The company is especially well-known for producing mobile phones with large keypads.

Doro has more than 38 years of experience in telephone production and the products are sold in more than 30 countries on five continents. This makes Doro the leading brand in user friendly and simple mobile phones.


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