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10. January 2012
PR event for Doro
Today, three out of four seniors have a mobile phone, but many of them find it difficult to use them. Therefore, Doro, that develops senior-friendly mobile phones, recently teamed up with Related to organise a mobile phone course for the senior segment which was held at senior centre.

How do I send a text message to my grandchild? How do I create a new contact? And how do I turn up the volume? These are just among some of the questions Related received when we in collaboration with Doro recently held a mobile phone course at the senior centre Gulkrog in Vejle. The event was part of a product launch featuring Doro’s new series of mobile phones. However, the course was open to all seniors, regardless of the kind of mobile phone they have since the purpose was to help them get more out of their mobile phones.

As mobile phones have become an integrated part of the younger generations’ lives, the older generations are also jumping on the bandwagon. But when the older generation becomes acquainted with mobile phones for the first time there is a need for additional explanation to understand the menu structure, the key functions and the dictionary. So we were ready to help and demonstrate the functions to the seniors who had showed up for the event.

Match between product and target group
Many seniors have mobile phones passed down from their children or grandchildren who believe that the seniors will have no problem navigating them. However, reduced sight, hearing and finger movement make it difficult for some to navigate them. Therefore, the event highlighted the need to show the seniors a more user-friendly alternative.

- Throughout the day it became increasingly clear that many have trouble using regular mobile phones. The seniors experience difficulties in performing keystrokes as the keys are too small and close together. Also, the dictionary is not easy to navigate or understand, and writing text messages without this function demands faster finger movement than most people in that age have. It was a pleasure to show the seniors that there are also phones that are suitable for them – and they were very excited, explains Mette Louise Ohana, PR Consultant.

Local media were also invited to the event which was covered by the radio station P4 Trekanten who came by for a chat with the seniors.


About Doro

The Swedish company Doro focuses on developing, marketing and selling telephone products designed especially for the globally growing market of seniors. The company is especially well-known for producing mobile phones with large keypads.

Doro has more than 38 years of experience in telephone production and the products are sold in more than 30 countries on five continents. This makes Doro the leading brand in user friendly and simple mobile phones.


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