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4. september 2013
YouTube gives strong boost to Hauppauge's PR
At Related we are currently pursuing what some might dub an untraditional PR effort on behalf of our client Hauppauge. We are engaging some of the leading Nordic YouTubers within gaming to test Hauppauge’s new device for recording and streaming gameplay. In turn, they reveal their outspoken opinions on YouTube. By assuming less of a control-oriented mindset, we increase both credibility and reach.

The modern media landscape has paved the way for a new consumer culture, challenging traditional PR and communication approaches. Simultaneously, it opens up new channels for us to apply when striving to get our clients’ messages through the clutter.

Consumers nowadays require dialogue; they want to engage in meaningful conversations rather than being “targeted” with one-way communications. Co-creation of content and even products and shaping virtual communities are also priorities that characterize today’s consumers. Therefore, it is no surprise that video services such as YouTube are booming, and - due to its popularity - experts are now referring to an actual "YouTube Generation". This is a true Mecca for Public Relations professionals owing to its opportunities for producing and sharing brand related content.

- We see great potential in user-driven content where consumers engage in conversations with each other. It is sincere, and the credibility exceeds that of many other channels. Therefore, it was a straightforward choice for us in order to increase awareness for the new streaming and recording device from Hauppauge, says Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen, PR Consultant and Head of Tech at Related.

Immense reach 
Credibility is far from the only advantage in involving YouTubers, which the “tribes” of engaged consumers uploading videos with product reviews and recommendations have been dubbed.

- One of the YouTubers whom we are in dialogue with has more than 12 million subscribers, which is a reach where most media fall short. This is a great foundation for triggering conversations about brands and products.
However, Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen emphasizes that there is always a potential risk associated with having YouTubers acting as “spokespersons” for a company and its products.

- When a video is viewed by thousands on YouTube, it will undoubtedly hit you hard if your product or brand receives negative publicity. That being said, it all comes down to one thing: having a good product as well as listening and responding to both appraisal and criticism from your publics.

Currently, we are boosting Hauppauge on YouTube, but it may very well be that other clients can benefit from this untraditional take on PR in the future. 

About Hauppauge 

Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, about 40 miles east of New York City, Hauppauge Computer Works has been bringing TV to the PC since 1992. The Company is the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners and data broadcast receiver products. Hauppauge's products allow PC users to watch television on their PC screens, videoconference and create both still video images and digital TV recordings.


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