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15 October 2008
Survey of printed and electronic media coverage

The mobile service provider M1 has opinions about being a mobile service provider. They do not shy away from the sometimes heated debate about pricing and subscriptions in the Danish media, and the company often launches new product types. For this reason M1 is mentioned quite frequently in both printed and electronic media in Denmark, and in order to keep up with the debate, M1 has made an agreement with Related to receive a monthly report from them monitoring press activity. This gives M1 a complete picture of where and when they are being mentioned.

This means that once a month M1 receives a report containing all the publicity on the company from the past month. The report is divided into sections on printed and electronic publicity, and each piece is shown, including headline, date and visitors/circulation, as well as comments on the content of the article and M1’s role in it. The physical clippings from printed media are also included in the report along with links to the various online clips.

In this way M1 can quickly get an idea of the publicity they’re getting and decide which media have an interest in the company and its messages.


About M1

The Danish mobile service provider M1 was founded in 2003 and is based in Aalborg. At the head of the company is director and co-owner Mads Peter Veiby. The company offers mobile plans for both personal users and businesses, and since December 2009 it has been a subsidiary of Telmore A/S.

M1 has won Børsen’s Gazelle award in Northern Jutland in 2008 and 2009 with an annual growth of 4,000 per cent and 1,000 per cent respectively.


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