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19. December 2011
PR against the monopolistic printer suppliers
Printer manufacturers run a monopoly where they often sell a printer at a loss and then make it up with their ink or toner. Danish printer users often think that they must purchase ink cartridges that are more expensive than real caviar, summer truffles and Chanel no. 5. So what does a Danish producer of reconditioned ink cartridges that offers both lower prices and printer warranty do to get the message across? MM Print Supplies chose a press effort from Related as the corner stone to debunk the old myth.

According to printer manufacturers, refilled, third party ink cartridges are harmful for the printer. Consequently, it is claimed that customers must put up with expensive original ink cartridges that are often more expensive than the printer itself.

The Danish producer of ink cartridges, MM Print Supplies, wants to offer an appealing alternative to this. With the company’s refilled ink cartridges, private households and companies not only save a lot of money, regardless of whether they have a laser or inkjet printer, but they also receive a warranty on both the printer supplies and the printer itself.

But how does one fight the propaganda machine and communicate the message that affordable printer supplies can be equally good or even better than the original?

MM Print Supplies chose a press effort from Related that highlighted the issue and, among other things, argued against a current test in the Danish consumer magazine Tænk. The test claimed that it is necessary for printer users to buy the expensive ink cartridges from the printer producers’ own selection.

Informing the Danes
In close dialogue with MM Print Supplies, Related angled, wrote and disseminated a press release.

The benefits of the effort could be reaped in the form of media coverage on Politiken’s online consumer section Tjek, the IT magazine Alt om DATA as well as other technology publications.

As part of the editorial coverage of the topic, Politiken referred to the fact that the reconditioned cartridges are a very economically attractive alternative to the expensive, original ink cartridges and are completely justifiable in regards to warranty.

The stories rank highly on Google which means that consumers easily gain knowledge on the cheaper Danish alternative to the expensive cartridges when the greedy printer needs new ink or toner.

The printer monopoly has been broken, but the PR fight continues.

Read the Danish article ”Firma bag genfyldte patroner giver printergaranti” at Politiken Tjek

Read the Danish article ”Fyld printeren uden at blive ruineret” at Alt om DATA


About MM Distribution

MM Print Supplies is run by the IT distributor MM Distribution, and their concept is based on collecting used ink cartridges, refilling them at European producers and selling the reconditioned print supplies through MM Distribution’s Danish distributor network.

The level of ambition is high since both companies and private households typically can save between 30 and 45 per cent on ink cartridges. At the same time, the warranty includes not only the ink cartridges but also the printer that they are used with.

Half of the income that comes from selling the collected consumables is donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature, which has currently received over 70,000 DKK.

MM Distribution was founded in 2005 and is located in Viborg.


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