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3 January 2011
Mobotix maintains dialogue with B2B-Newsletter
Mobotix' press strategy is closely related to the many monitoring solutions that are set up each day in organizations, businesses and private residences around the world. Distributors and resellers are gatekeepers on the important knowledge on where new solutions are installed, and the dialogue with them is therefore very important to transform the strategy into practice.

When Related took over the responsibility for Mobotix 'press activities in autumn 2008, we suggested the launch a B2B e-newsletter - MxNordic News - to serve as one among several channels to maintain dialogue with the partners. This contact is very important because relevant information on where new solutions are set up are collected through the partners.

Present and easy to read
The content of MxNordic News is planned in collaboration with Bo Ørbjerg, the Business Development Manager for Mobotix in the Nordic and Baltic countries. He is in daily contact with the newsletter recipients. In each edition of the newsletter there are a number of sections - such as monthly cases - that stays the same, but otherwise it's all types of news such as road shows, exhibitions, new partners and products.

- We have strived to create a newsletter that does not have too much text. It is rather illustrative and has many links for further information. The newsletter is available in English, because the recipients come from eight different countries, and we try to have articles from all countries so that the newsletter are relevant for the reader regardless of national background, states Mia Nielsen, communications specialist in Related.

What the reader wants ...
The purpose of the newsletter is to inspire the distributors and resellers, who receive the newsletter, to sell Mobotix solutions when they are out with customers. Therefore the articles are focused on different ways to use Mobotix. But there is also room for the fun and quirky articles on e.g. robots with camera eyes and live monitoring of various animals in the zoos.

The newsletter system enables you to see statistics on how many have read the various articles, and which links that have been clicked. It means that we can continuously adjust the newsletter's content based on what the readers want and in that way make it more relevant to them. In collaboration with Bo Ørbjerg the newsletter is regularly reviewed so that feedback from the partners is also included in the evaluation.


About Mobotix

The German company Mobotix delivers high resolution digital network-based video surveillance systems, video administration software and system accessories. The company, which was founded in 1999, is based in the German town of Langmeil in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Mobitix produces digital megapixel cameras that can record much more detail than conventional analogous CCTV cameras.

The company operates through qualified distributers and commercial business partners and is represented in most of the world.


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