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15 March 2010
Related introduces Mobotix in the Baltics
Working with the Lithuanian communications agency UAB Komunikacija ir konsultantai (Also known as 'KoKo PR') Related launched a large scale press campaign in February 2010, intended to introduce the strategy of the successful CCTV system manufacturer to the Baltic market and at the same time bring the company’s innovative products into focus.

“We have had a lot of mention of the press release that was sent out in connection with the campaign. Both security media, IT media and news media have brought the story of Mobotix, and the company has undoubtedly established itself as one of the leading distributers of CCTV systems in the Baltics”, says Gintare Motiejūnaitė from KoKo PR, who coordinates the activities in the Baltics through local partners in Estonia and Latvia.

PR is the core of the strategy
In about eight weeks the press campaign will be followed up by a new activity with focus on Mobotix’s products. In this way the strategy of continuous and relationship building efforts is followed towards the Baltic media market.

“The PR plan involves both product-related press releases, cases and statement press releases intended to spark debate about some of the market tendencies and barriers that exist in the Baltic market. PR is the core of Mobotix’s marketing strategy, and as such they appreciate the success we have already had in the Baltics”, explains Mia Nielsen, Communications Consultant at Related.

About KoKo PR
UAB Komunikacija ir konsultantai (KoKo PR) has worked in public relations since 1997, and the agency has partners all over the world. The agency’s mission is to become a long term partner and consultant for their clients and to help them communicate as effectively as possible to the desired target groups.


About Mobotix

The German company Mobotix delivers high resolution digital network-based video surveillance systems, video administration software and system accessories. The company, which was founded in 1999, is based in the German town of Langmeil in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Mobitix produces digital megapixel cameras that can record much more detail than conventional analogous CCTV cameras.

The company operates through qualified distributers and commercial business partners and is represented in most of the world.


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