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19. January 2012
Related Enters PR Partnership with SteelSeries
We are pleased to announce that SteelSeries, the Danish manufacturer of high performance gaming gear, has chosen Related as its public relations partner for raising brand awareness in its native Denmark.

Previously, SteelSeries has not had local PR representation in Denmark, and the company's PR initiatives were mainly coordinated and executed on a global scale. This did not take into account the unique characteristics of the Danish public and media. Capitalizing on Related's familiarity with the technology and gaming media, in-house tech specialists at the PR firm are now working towards initiating dialogues with Danish gamers, e-sports communities, and enthusiasts.

- We chose Related as our PR partner because of their strong connection to the hardware community and for their advanced technical knowledge of the products. This combination is really hard to find and we believe that these are the ingredients required for success, said Henning Christiansson, Marketing Manager at SteelSeries.

- We are very proud to announce this new partnership with SteelSeries. We have always been impressed by the company’s close ties to its key demographics, and we feel a strong connection to this group of enthusiastic individuals. It is a great pleasure to do business with a company that shares the enthusiasm of its fans, and draws inspiration from them, as well, said Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen, PR Consultant at Related.

Related provides a one-stop service for all PR inquiries, including authoring and distributing press releases, product reviews in connection with launches, and interactivity through social networks.


About SteelSeries

Danish-based SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals with a product range spanning everything from headsets, keyboards, and mice to controllers, mouse pads, and software. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear for competitive gamers for over a decade. Historically, the company has helped sponsor the growth of competitive gaming and e-sports (electronic sports) through professional team sponsorships and community support around the world.

SteelSeries' continued innovation stems from its almost innate ability to listen to the collective feedback of the professional gaming community and develop products that are constantly evolving while still meeting the strictest of requirements and the highest of standards.


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