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19 January 2010
Two new newsletters for TDC Hosting
Since the autumn Related has worked with TDC Hosting on creating the business’s two newsletters – one for existing customers and one for potential customers.

The collaboration began with an initial workshop where the editorial group got an opportunity for sparring about the first publication and a series of good advice for their future work on the newsletter. Following this the actual collaboration on producing six annual newsletters began.

Project management and production
Editorial meetings are held before the production of every newsletter. Possible articles are discussed, and it is decided which articles are appropriate for which newsletter and an angle is selected. These meetings are attended by the project manager from Related and TDC Hosting’s internal editorial group. After the meeting Related forwards a production plan and an outline of the content of the newsletter, indicating who will be responsible for which inputs in the upcoming publications.

Related's job is partly to drive the process, acting as project manager and organiser on the publications, and partly to take care of the text production and subsequent setting up and publication of the newsletter.

Following this, Related produces all articles for the newsletter based on input from TDC Hosting, and then sets up and publishes the newsletters in TDC Hosting’s own web-based newsletter system.


About TDC Hosting

TDC Hosting deals in IT outsourcing and has experience in all types of IT operations. As such, TDC Hosting can be responsible for a single server or act as an outsourcing partner on large-scale business solutions.

The company is active in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and has 17 modern data centres in Denmark as well as centres in Sweden and Finland.

TDC Hosting is an independent subsidiary of TDC. 

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